Reveal of the Barren Land (Part 6): Layout Introduction

Reveal of the Barren Land (Part 6): Layout Introduction

According to Jerry’s information, we are sure that this is a brand-new Season feature. The Barren Land consists of 14 subareas, which can be divided into Faction Initial Place, Alliance Initial Place, and Land of Clash & Abundance according to the strategy type of each subarea. You and other Rulers in the same faction need to protect your Wonders and push to the center of the Barren Land or even the headquarters of enemies by using strategies.

1.Faction Initial Place: resources are scarce in this area. But you will not be invaded in this area.
2.Alliance Initial Place: resources are more abundant in this area. This is the place where your Alliance starts conquering the Barren Land. Meanwhile, the most important building - Faction Wonder, is also in this area.
3.Land of Clash & Abundance: resources in this area are the most abundant, and conflicts between factions will occur here.

This is the first time the “faction” concept appears in the Ant Kingdom, which means up to 3 Alliances are required to be formed as a faction against other factions in the battle. Since there might be 3 Alliances in a faction, it’s a tough challenge for the Faction Leader to manage all the members! Our developers have designed a set of management functions to make it easier for Faction Leaders to manage their members. What kind of management functions do you think we need? Leave your idea and Game ID in the comments under the post. The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 7 workdays after the event ends (March 13, 23:59:59, UTC+0).


Besides, Jerry’s Video Team has also participated in the entire “Reveal of the Barren Land” event. They have also found a lot of valuable information and provided many interesting predictions depending on their sharp insight. You can tap the link below for more details!

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Video Team Member(Español)
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Video Team Member(Português)
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Video Team Member(Русский)
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Video Team Member(Indonesia)
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Note: the members of the Video Team are all made up of normal players. Their viewpoints only represent themselves, and the game interface mentioned above cannot represent the game’s final version. We are NOT responsible for the contents presented in the video. Please check them in the game for the actual content. If you want to join the Video Team, please send your application through this ( Numerous rewards are waiting for you!

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