Reveal of the Barren Land (Part 21): Alliance Calendar

The Barren Land adds the function of Alliance Calendar that gives you a clear schedule of daily tasks! Do you like this function? Leave your idea and Game ID in the comments under the post. The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 7 workdays after the event ends (April 24, 23:59:59, UTC+0).


ID :42581490
This is great . It will be only for the Barren Land. If it is synchronized with the phone’s calendar. for notifications

ID 4768685

ID: 13618962


ID: 43205701 #850
Nice feature

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Id 19762400
Good luck

That will be great! ID: 57112169

ID: 18253865

Calendar will make it so much easier for all event planners. Since you can seemingly enter 30 information posts, you can place down important informations way up ahead and everyone can prepare themselves. Especially love the status check and schedule reminder. No one can say now that they didn’t know about the happenings in the event.

my id 56509546 :slight_smile: