Reveal of the Barren Land (Part 19): Graceful Twig Ant

Be prepared to encounter brand-new special ants during your adventure on the Barren Land!

Guest of this session-“Graceful Twig Ant”, and also the last ant of Barren Land: Pseudomyrmex gracilis (Scientific Name)
The species is widespread and has a very variable appearance. It can be found in many different habitats, but normally in tree branches or dead wood. Sometimes, it can also be seen in myrtle, where it builds its nest and acts as a parasite living in symbiosis with the plant.

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ID: 7545949

GTA gonna be nightmare for any silencing team. It heals, debuffs, and dps. I am really looking forward to its performance in battles!

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Love this game

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Need that ant

New ways to improve especial ants! Id: 57112169