Reveal of the Barren Land (Part 12): Giant Tree Area

In the previous sessions, Jerry shared the wonders of blue and red factions and wonders in the neutral area. The architectural styles of these wonders vary greatly across different sections. The blue faction’s wonders are characterized by sandstone, the red faction’s wonders are by animal bones, and the neutral area’s wonders are by vegetation. Meanwhile, the Giant Tree Area still continues the art design of the Lost Island but with major modifications. Are you satisfied with such settings?

Leave your idea and Game ID in the comments under the post. The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 7 workdays after the event ends (April 6, 23:59:59, UTC+0).

Besides, Jerry’s Video Team has also participated in the entire “Reveal of the Barren Land” event. They have also found a lot of valuable information and provided many interesting predictions depending on their sharp insight. You can tap the link below for more details!

Video Team Member(English):
Duvessa: Barren Lands Sneak Peek 2 #theants - YouTube
Mr. Stabby: Barren Land UPDATE | The Ants Underground Kingdom - YouTube

Video Team Member(Español):
tonyjm20: 🏜️| equipo azul🔵 vs equipo rojo 🔴 |🌏THE ANTS UNDERGROUND KINGDOM🐜 - YouTube
SKADE THEANTS: Inspiraciones de las maravillas.😉 || barren land🏔 #theants 🐜 - YouTube

Video Team Member(Português):
ThelordNS: The Ants BARREN LAND ESTÁ CHEGANDO... The Ants Underground Kingdom - YouTube
Darkness: The Ants - Barren Land / Wonders + (Novidades) - YouTube
Explosive Ants: Barren Land Maravilhas, Formigas #theants - YouTube

Video Team Member(Русский):
Dogmad: The Ants. Пустоши, обзор чудес - YouTube

Note: the members of the Video Team are all made up of normal players. Their viewpoints only represent themselves, and the game interface mentioned above cannot represent the game’s final version. We are NOT responsible for the contents presented in the video. Please check them in the game for the actual content. If you want to join the Video Team, please send your application through this link ( Numerous rewards are waiting for you!