Recrutement 858 serveur

Good morning

We present to you the new project in progress on server 858.

We playing and be active between 06 UTC to 23 UTC most of time

The rules on 858 :

Monday - Tuesday - Friday and Saturday : peace

All other day War

No nap

  • INB (INVICTUS BarrenLand) if you are looking for competition, players who give 200% for victory, if you like to shed blood and walk on millions of ant corpses, then you are, without a doubt, at a good place.

  • INI (INVICTUS Island) if you are looking for a competitive team for the island, if you like the style of the lost island, if your activity does not allow you to participate in BarrenLand but you still have the warrior spirit and If you like competition, then you will definitely enjoy it.

  • INS (INVICTUS server) if you are looking for a serious team without pressure but active with a large number of players, if you want to participate in the victory of your server or learn to become stronger, then this alliance is made for you.

The places are not fixed, you can move from one alliance to another between each season if your competitive spirit awakens or if the need to rest arises.

Whether you are alone or in a group, competitive or a farmer, you can join us.

A passionate, competent and attentive staff will support you.

A discord with all the alliances is at your disposal, each alliance also has a private section in order to have the possibility of communicating together but also internally in order to plan our actions as best as possible.

Many of our players are French, but we also have great linguistic diversity.

Don’t wait and join us!

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