We are looking for new players to join us on server 691, Insane Muppet Posse (IMP). Most players have left to go to Barren Land or cross server to join new teams that reflect their growth/power. We are in top 6 Nap, have open positions for officers/ R4. We will accept all levels of players. We work as a team supporting everyone. You: like to have fun, chat, get great rewards, and lots Of anting fun. Muppets are innately peaceful, helpful and protective. The muppets are creative and fun players that bring life to the server!

 Server 974 (AoW) Art of War Is Recruiting! Best Rogue Alliance of the Server! Grow and Prosper Together as a Family! Where your Voice is heard and taken in consideration in every decision! And with no Silly NAP Restrictions! Attack or be Attacked , Which side will you be on?

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