Recruitment TMW - Server 821 (751 -850)

Hello everyone !

Server 821’s “The Milky Way” (TMW) alliance is recruiting ! (group 751-850)

// We are a collection of stars that form a Milky Way. We come from far away, and we managed to come together. We are one.
Peaceful at rest, ready to implode in the event of a problem, always going all out! As fast as a shooting star - - - —:eight_pointed_black_star: //

:black_medium_square: Sister Alliance: GFM (Galactic FarMs)
:black_medium_square: Server in peace
:black_medium_square: NAP 10
:black_medium_square: War Day on Wednesday

TMW has its own Discord server, friendly and full of documentation, explanations, help and experienced players, equipped with a translator for our non-French speaking friends, of all ages (from 20 to +60), and more !

If you, your group, your friends are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us! :smile:

Kind regards,


  • R5: bestingold / bestingold#2137
  • Recruiter: bubulle_ants / bubulle_ants#9799

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