Recruitment for a server and Lost Island

Hello our server (Group S301-450) is recruiting active players! Our server has a chill, relaxing and good mood. We are recruiting for the server and for the lost island !
We are also actively working on SvS but any extra help would be welcome.
3 strong Alliances currently coexist but we are ready to welcome others, to welcome YOU with joy and good humor.

The rules :
Peace on Monday, Tuesday and weekends
We plunder each other in friendship from Wednesday to Friday
Forbidden Tile Attacks
No bet to 0 except in hive defense and non respect of the rules (tiles, tree etc)
Top 3 crown rotation
Players without alliances can be attacked at any time.

Our rules were designed to satisfy looters and growers
All the rules can be subject to change by consultation between the active alliances but ideally you need to have a few weeks of seniority on the server to propose changes. Don’t expect drastic changes. The top allowing the rotation of the crown can also be enlarged.

Our server has a majority of French, German, and English speakers, we also have some Spanish, Russian and Chinese but of course we welcome all nationalities

Additional information (rankings, SvS ranking, marmots list of alliances etc…), server number (Attention: only if you are interested after having received the additional information, it is therefore useless to ask for the server number directly) in pm on Discord ( AryaPCxYTB#4520 )

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