Recruiting new members, and for Barren

Hello ants!

We are now recruiting new players to our Alliance MAD in 1045.

We are an active Alliance who have done Lost Island an are now going to go for the upcoming Barren. So we are looking for people who want to join us for this!
We’re looking for:

  • Chatty people!
    -Kind and active players with a sense of humor.
    -People who wants to grow with us.
    -people who are active in svs and help with donations for evo.
    -People who want to go to Barren.
    -People with lvl 25 anthill.

We offer you:
-tips and tricks ingame. Have a dc- channel for most things. And people with knowledge.

  • People from all over the world to befriend.
    -Nap 5
    -One purge-day every week.
    -Awesome allies who will help you, just ask, no question is stupid.

If this sounds interesting, please send me a message!
Megalera on DC.


Hello @Lilithu, welcome, and thank you for using The Ants forum.

We wish you success in recruiting new members and making your alliance an even more active community.

Good luck!


I can add that most are active between 00-06 atm. But usally always someone online cause We have people in US, Australia, Asia, And Europe. So all over :smile: would love some new faces! Never a dull moment with us!

Hope to hear from someone!

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