[Record Post] VJ | S470 RoP, Batch 1

Rise Of the Phoenix’s First Vast Jungle Adventure

Hello fellow gamers! Jenn here from s470 RoP - Rise of the Phoenix, Group 3.This is my very first post, and I’m thrilled to kick things off with all of you!

RoP is more than just an alliance; it’s a tightly knit family where members support and uplift one another. I’ve been with them for years, and it’s the love and special bond we share that keeps us united as one big, happy family.
If you find yourself within our server range (s451-s550), don’t miss the chance to drop by. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Gossips about the new event

While on our barren land event, news of the upcoming Vast Jungle Event ignited our excitement, enticing us with new gameplay, rewards, and intriguing jungle ants. We enrolled in the first batch when we got back from our last victorious barren event and as soon as registrations became available, extending a warm welcome to both old friends as well as new ones.



RoP got matched with a 2vs3 with difficulty lvl 4 and got to be part of the RED camp the Golden Acorn Camp.
We met wonderful individuals from the Mii clan, who displayed great determination to succeed and generously shared strategic insights throughout the event.


The BLUE camp, the Snowy Cedar Camp had MYM, PHX and PRO. They all had lots of really strong players. We got to meet few familiar players from one of our past events in the PRO clan. It was really nice to have a reunion and be able to play with them once again.

Protection Timing

While discussing with Mii and the members of RoP, we came up with choosing 00:00-08:00 UTC for our protection period. The Snowy Cedar Camp too happen to pick the same protection period based on their clans activity.


Week 1-2 on the Jungle

Our camp we focussed on getting as much as buff as possible from our zone and the tree zone. RoP went for the wonder in Lizard Wetland-Subarea 1 and on Birds Stream-Subarea 2

Mii went for the wonder and buildings in Snail Pit Fairyland-Subarea 8.


Mii suggested they take the tree as they were closest to it so we could save clay to build to the rest of the buildings while also making our way to the tunnels which was to open in few days leading to our opponents and the other zone that weren’t occupied yet.

The Snowy Cedar Camp did the same rushing to the wonders and buildings on their initial zones and making their way to the tunnels that reach to us as well to the tunnels to the other unoccupied zones we built to.


Week 2 on the Jungle

Tunnels opened and us RoP we built to the wonders at Juniper Mount- subarea 5 and Violet Gorge- subarea 5.
We had PHX build to the wonder in Juniper Mount. They did a tower transfer to MYM in this region. We faced both clans they were a very tough competition. We managed to hold the ground near the wonder thanks to our dedicated players who fought for hours sacrificing their sleep and all their regular duties to put our clan first.
MYM was building to the wonder at Violet Gorge and they did a tower transfer near the wonder to PHX .

Mii built to Snowy Peak- sub area 6 where PRO clan was also focussed on moving to. PRO did a tower transfer to MYM in that region. They had a fierce battle for hours and were doing really good giving a tough competition to the Snowy Cedar Camp
Mii also focussed on the Bear Domain in subarea 5 where they are yet to face PHX. They are also making their way to Juniper Mount- subarea5 so they can help when needed.


Week 2-3 on the Jungle

Things were getting more interesting this week. Battles lasted for hours. Players sacrificed completing their dailies (geckos, hornets, pangolin, etc) to save their stamina to help the camp win. Many of the players on both camps had hatched the new jungle ants and put them to use on their marches and they did perform real good.

Once the wonders stationed troops difficulty was reduced, RoP took the wonders in Juniper Mount- subarea 5 and Violet Gorge- subarea 5 after winning long battles with PHX and MYM.

Mii occupied the wonder in Bear Domain - subarea 5. When Mii dozzed off when it was late at their place and usually bedtime, PHX went for their wonder and did occupy it but Mii took the wonder back and holds it still.

Mii, PRO and MYM were making their way to the wonder in Antler Forest - subarea 1. We RoP offered to help our ally in this region to help secure the wonder.

We got the opportunity to play with few of our old opponents in the PRO clan it was a really nice experience. The wonder was secured with the help of teamwork.

MYM took the wonder near their initial zone kinda like an area 51 zone that lost islands have.

PRO occupied the wonder at Snowy Peak- sub area 6 along with the help of MYM. It was a tough battle for Mii as the battles usually lasted way after their bedtime. We RoP are building towards the wonder to help secure this wonder for our camp. Stay tuned for Mii and RoP vs PRO and MYM on the update next week.


Great work! Keep up the awesome posts! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Thank you so much, Guppy!! :grinning:


Week 3-4 on the Jungle

It’s a new week in the jungle, and guess what? The game just turned three! :tada: How awesome is that? :partying_face: Plus, we’ve got the level 20 hornets buzzing around now, and the Otter made its second appearance this season, showering us with fantastic buffs and rich rewards. What an epic week!

Without further ado lets look into what happened next on Snowy Peak- sub area 6.

So Mii put up a really good fight with PRO till us RoP could reach to the wonder at Snowy Peak- sub area 6 to help with the battle with PRO and MYM near the wonder.

It took us nearly a day I would say to reach closer to the wonder starting from Mii’s initial zone. As soon as we reached, we had MYM waiting for us near the wonder and we guys had really long battles. They are really good and strong opponents. We also had few PRO players hopping in from time to time trying to defend the towers despite them having fought Mii the whole day. Great teamwork on their side!

We managed to destroy all their towers near the wonder and secure the place so Mii could take the wonder back. And yes! The Golden Acorn Camp. did claim this wonder too!

Mii continued fighting with PRO at Snowy Peak- sub area 6 taking more buildings on that region while also building in Bear Domain- Subarea 5’s buildings where PHX is also building in.

Us RoP, we continued pushing PHX from Juniper Mount- subarea 5 taking the buildings that they had claimed and reaching the buildings they were yet to claim and captured it before them. We also focused on building to the rest of the building in Violet Gorge- subarea 5

MYM continued building in Glacial Lake- Subarea1 zone, the zone which was near to their initial zone and they also built to buildings present in Violet Gorge- subarea 5.

They did surprise us 3-4 times making sudden visits in Violet Gorge- subarea 5 near the wonder to have some battles with us. And it was fun they did entertain all of us making wonderful memories to always cherish.

Twas a wonderful week, Stayed tuned for more updates! :slight_smile:


Week 4-5 on the Jungle

The jungle sets the stage for another week of adventure. With the season coming to an end in a week and a half every clan was determinded to finish building to the rest of the buildings left on the map while also engaging in fights.

Beginning with Mii’s exploits, let’s dive into their adventures during Week 5 in the jungle.

So Mii had really long routes to the buildings in Snowy Peak and Bear Domain. They did a lot of building while also fighting PRO and PHX. They also engaged in some battles with MYM near one of the tower near the wonder in Rebirth of Elk Zone. They did a really good job over the week.

They fought really well and succeeded in each of the battles with the three clans from the Snowy Cedar Camp.

Coming to RoP’s week, this is how week 5 on the jungle for RoP went like.

We built to the rest of the building in Violet Gorge while also building to the buildings which PHX had already captured or were building to in Juniper Mount. We had lots of battles with PHX now and then when taking their buildings but we succeeded.

MYM built to one of our tower closest to them in Snowy Peak zone, we had some battles and then continued pushing to PRO’s lair in Snowy Peak.

RoP had a new goal after that lair. We decided to build to Glacial Lake zone, the area 51 kinda zone next to Rebirth of Elk and MYM’s homezone aiming for the Glacial Fish wonder.

We started from our tower near the wonder in Rebirth of Elk zone making our way through the tunnel to Glacial Lake while also taking MYM’s buildings on the way. We had MYM popping in to defend their towers and buildings but we managed to resist them though they are really strong.

Everyone in RoP did a really amazing job and always helped when called despite their busy schedules. We had lots of fun during each battle.

And that’s a wrap for Week 5 in the jungle with RoP! :herb::star2: Happy Easter to all adventurers out there! :hatching_chick::tulip: Stay tuned for more exhilarating journeys as we continue to navigate through the lush and treacherous terrain of the Vast Jungle, conquering challenges along the way. :palm_tree::dizzy:


Week 6 - the final week on the Jungle

Hello everyone!! It’s the final few days of our vacation on the Jungle. Everyone is buzzing with excitement to return home, eager to hatch their event eggs and counting down the days left, haha.

So what happened on the free zone on the last few days? Did RoP manage to get the Glacial Fish wonder after all that building towards it?

And yes! You guessed it right. We succeeded in capturing the Glacial Fish wonder from MYM. They put up an incredible fight near the wonder, constructing towers around it and in the direction we were advancing.

And with this, the season came to an end. We all had a great time and are eagerly looking forward to visiting the Jungle once again.

Alliance Kill and Influence Ranking



Congratulations to everyone in the Golden Acorn Camp for all the hard work and sacrifices made to secure this victory for our camp. Your dedication and teamwork have truly paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of you. Let’s continue to strive for excellence and success as we embark on future endeavors together. Together, we can overcome any challenge and achieve greatness. Well done, team!

A special thank you to our allies in Mii for their unwavering support and outstanding cooperation throughout this journey. Your friendship have been invaluable, and we look forward to many more successful collaborations in the future.

Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to Diego, our leader and also our camps leader, for being the best support and MVP of our team. Your leadership, guidance, and dedication have been instrumental in our success, and we are grateful for everything you do. Here’s to many more victories under your leadership!

That’s all for now, folks. Let’s catch up on RoP’s next adventure.

Thank You!