(Record Post) SL.574 [DEA]DelinquAnts 唐三 Packy 物种

Hey there, my friends and future friends! Allow me to introduce you to the family of [DEA] DelinquAnts, where the pizzas are cold and the sodas are warm. Just kidding! I’m still a little disoriented, and getting used to our new home, I’m also excited to introduce myself. My name is 唐三 Species, but I recently changed it to 唐三 Packy 物种. It’s a new name inspired by our alliance’s barren land theme.

If you’re wondering about our family’s backstory, we recently moved from a big, peaceful, and thriving server (410) to our alliance leader’s original zone (368) to continue our barren land adventures. You might be thinking, “Why move if your server was doing so well?” Well, let me explain.

Our once peaceful and thriving server was overrun by a species of ducks. Yes, ducks. They took over and caused chaos and destruction. As we returned to the server from our descent from the Barren land, we were met with a dust storm from bleeding hills. Entire alliances were rogues and for some reason adopted a duck theme, which included duck avatar Photos. These rogues hid and plotted against the server and waited for everyone to return from the barren land. these rogues infiltrated 410 during a previous CSC migration to wreak havoc on all of the resources “RSS” we’ve earned.

So we decided to leave the server and start anew in a more peaceful zone. We wanted to put all of our new season ants to the test as they were still weak and learning their place in the ant kingdom. It’s been a wild ride, but we’re excited about this new adventure and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!