[Record Post] Second Journey of Lost Island

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: ƝƖƓǶƬꝖꓴƸƸƝ

Alliance: Das Nest (Das)

Personal Observer Goal: To collect the powerful Ants from Island.

Group 109 Information

Name AbbrServerLeaderMembersPower
Casseur 2 Cul  C2C 417 Toi72 2,279,858,010
The Black Flag  TBF 332 Laluna78 2,239,205,325
Reap Master Army  RMA 424 Achilles72 2,118,682,782
Vikingos VAL340zooniick882,286,186,703
Brotherhood BHO430Anmbt79661,372,730,800
Moonlight MoN388༒☬DarkMoon☬༒681,976,539,369
SoF Tres So3390ななまる農場2961,666,230,110
Das Nest  Das435Manua711,592,386,865

09/18/22 – Last Day of Selection

Today is the last Day of selecting Initial place. Below are the alliances and their selected areas.

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09/19/22 – End of Day 1

Progress of first day of each alliance.

09/20/22 – Key Players