[Record Post-Season2 Batch9](S18-BFO)Another Island of Adventure with CptBoogz

Another round of Lost Island and this time BFO had some changes before the start of the next batch. We added some new members from our last island experience and others from other servers that was waiting to join us on our adventures. This season we have chosen the Conch Stronghold(Orange). We have not yet decided how will we approach this round…it’s either Fight or go do a diplomatic approach. It will be an exciting season with alliances with huge reputations and crazy strong players.

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As time progress we have hit many milestones and moved across the field. My leaders haven’t yet decided on what our approach is. We have two options to proceed but, will it be worth it to jumpstart our pursuit or will it be our early demise. We have a positive feeling our leaders will lead us into a better situation. We have prepared ourselves by hunting geckos, hornets, and gathered resources for the upcoming weeks. There will be tunnels that will give us access to our neighbors and the mudskippers that will give us rich resources and buffs to make our alliance fighting ready.