[Record Post] S74-Ant-Josh-(Season 5 Lost Island)

Lost Island Season 5 has begun!

Once again we are currently in the matching stage for season 5 in group 1. Further matchmaking results will be released soon when available.

#Post 1 Season 5


Matchmaking Result of Lost Island (Opponents)

For the current situation, it seems like that are only 4 alliances in this season map. This might be the result of insufficient alliance signing up or some other reasons.

Photo of matchmaking result will be provided below:

#Post 2 Season 5

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News for healing season soldiers!

Some of you might have missed out on the latest information about the lost island update! One of the most important updates this time would be able to heal season soldiers with revival fungus. However, do note that these revival fungus kinds of work like the one players use in alliance expedition.

Hence, when you run out of these revival fungi you do need to heal season soldiers again with speed-ups and resources accordingly. (This time round resources spent on healing soldiers will only be returned by 70%, refer to the photos below for more accurate pieces of information)

#Post 3 Season 5

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News On Gathering Resource Nodes!

Some of the best new features are the following:

  1. Safe gathering when occupied by rulers
  2. March speed buff to gathering nodes at alliance base.

Hence, rulers do not need to worry about finding or protecting their resource nodes from opponents.

#Post 4 Season 5

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Tips on how to be able to purchase all 4 Bio-essence and a single exotic shell from the season store every week without fail!

The most important rule is to be consistent for this to work without fail and even with 1.2k extra lost island fruity on Monday morning! This is proven to work as I have 1.2k fruit even today morning while I fully purchased all 4 Bio-essence and a single exotic shell from the season store!

Before you continue reading, these are the requirement for this strategy to work!

  1. You must be a cultivator and either cultivate meat or leaf. (With all those features like extra x amount of rss/h)
  2. You must not be too active in fighting against other players, you can still fight but can’t be a lot.

Now! If you are not sure how to get lost island fruits refer to the photo below.

3 factors are needed for this strategy.

  1. Always hunt level 18-19 hornet for the first 20 wild creatures and all 10 level 35 gecko or above when the game reset at 00:00 UTC.
  2. Always send all 4 units to gather meat or leaves from 01:00 UTC to 5:00 UTC, then take back to waste stamina and send it again until the next morning.

Hence, if you do all these you will be able to purchase all Bio-essence and exotic shells from the store. However, the limiting factor is you cannot fight a lot for your alliance! This is proven to work, as I tried it myself last week! So it is good for people who are not active in fighting!

#Post 5 Season 5

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Tips and strategy for attacking resources node that is level 7 and above. Have you ever wondered why sometimes resource node is so hard to attack? Because you are not using the right strategy! (Useful for not extremely strong players)

For the people who don’t know, on the lost island. Resource nodes that produce different types of troops are guarded by three different types of troops unit.:white_check_mark:

  1. Produce carriers, defender= Guardians
  2. Produce shooters, defender= Carriers
  3. Produce Guardians, defender= Shooters

Depending on your main unit, e.g. for me personally, I am shooter main and it is always easy for me to occupy level 7 or above resource nodes that are defended by carriers or shooters.

Why? 2 factors contribute to this result.

  1. Shooters have an advantage over carrier
  2. Shooters and shooters are fair matches

But why are guardians so hard to win against as shooter main?

  1. Guardians have a natural advantage over shooters.
  2. Guardians are slow dragging ants which means they probably can still have some amount alive. Hence, mean you will lose.

Moral of the story and solution:
No matter which resource node it is, always use the nature of law (Evo and the game settings).
Guardians can be easily defeated if you are a carrier main, if you are a shooter you should always go for shooters or carriers defended resource nodes.

Shooters > Carriers
Carriers > Guardians
Guardians > Shooters

#Post 6 Season 5

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Alliances Introduction! 4 Alliances in ONE island >:)

Purple - Antify
Orange - King of Legends
Pink - Hard-workingForce
Blue - Unison

More occupation and war between alliance will be posted when available!

#Post 7 Season 5


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