[Record Post] S7 - WOK - Tips for preparation and starting Lost Island

In preparation for Lost Island, here something everyone should do/not do :smiley:

1: As soon as you enter li, capture soldier ant nodes the highest level you can!
2: After nodes, hunt your daily 10 lizards!
3: Enhance buildings asap!
4: Gather any time you’re offline!
5: hunt creatures once stamina has returned!

-Do this daily if possible (I know it becomes really hard once mudskipper shows up, but hunting wild creatures is what hurts the least if it’s not done or not done completely)

1: Don’t use stamina 8-10 hours before entering island!
2: Don’t drop power!
3: Don’t be a douche in season chat! It will affect future diplomatic relations and reflect on your aliance.
4: Don’t change away from cultivator until pvp starts (unless you’re never culti)
5: If you can stand the loss of CR for Monday, Don’t wait with enhancing buildings the first 2 weeks or until 40k honor!

If you do/don’t do this, you will gain a lot of honor fast, which is needed for more healing funghi. Make sure to always get your soldier piles and to upgrade them asap :smile:

-A special thanks to Umbras Darkness for making a video about this!