[Record Post]S608 - LoD - EagleEyes - Lost island experiences (S3, B1)

War correspondent EagleEyes here, reporting in from LoD of s608. Playing under alliance leader, Death Spark. Battle preparations are in full
swing as we prepare for Lost Island. Our friends from ON3 have joined us for this Island, and
we’re looking forward to spending the next month and a half with them. Time will tell if we’ll still
be friends after the Island is over. But seeing our long friendship, Hope we will.
We’ve stocked up on all the supplies that we need and we’ve been practicing fighting and
working on our units. Everyone is excited to try out the things that they’ve learned in our practice
battles in real combat. Excited for special Ants there. Its our first time in Lost Island on our server. So, we all are still reading and learning new things about it.
We asked members to reduce their power upto a certain level so that, there would be less chances to go in high level war.
We changed structure of alliance completely for lost Island. Hope this will go great. Little nervous but lot more excited, as its new and first time for our whole server.
We are wishing to not get group of heavy spenders willing to go for full fledged war, but also aware, its hard to find a peaceful group, so prepared for it.
Wish us a great and happy journey. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Hello friends, EagleEyes from s608 here, with updates about our first ever Journey of lost island. We, participating with our alliance LoD, under the leadership of server king and alliance leader, Death Spark, are still in registration phase.
As we were preparing, yesterday, Convocation opened. As first timers, Many of us were not aware of its use. It is used by player to migrate in other server, to play lost island with them.
As, our players were getting confused, about it, we immediately posted server mail, about its use and details. And asked players who wanted to with us, not to use it.
As, we weren’t aware of it earlier, we hadn’t planned to call our friends from other servers, to join us. But still, managed to get few friends here. As we believe, every situation/ changes either gives benefit or knowledge. So, this time, we got some knowledge which will be helpful for us in next Lost Island.
For this lost island, we invite all friends, to join us. On server, preparations are in full swing. Resources collections, egg collection and other required things are being collected by all members in quantities, they need.
Excitement is high, leaving other friends behind for 45 days is a bit sad. Happy for upcoming adventures. So, with mix feelings, fast heart beats, heading toward Lost Island event.
Join us in our journey and feel the excitement in air with us. Have a great day. See you all again very soon.


Excited about your journey to Lost Island , Keep Posting


Thanks for responses. Happy to see people encouraging here.
For the new readers, Let me introduce again,
Am Eagle Eyes, from Server 608. Part of Alliance LoD, participating in our First Lost Island, under the Leadership of Death Spark.
As in continuance of Thread, Am here to share My experiences, and adventures of Lost Island event with everyone.
As informed earlier, we firstly asked all players willing to join Lost Island from server, to join LoD.
Then as the convocation opened up, we invited few of old friends, who migrated earlier, to join us back. And successfully bring few on board with us.
Sailing towards lost island, we prepared for resources and information about event. And still that’s a ongoing task. But to be able to easily share information and communicate, We brought most of our Lost Island players, on a social plateform.
Now, the registration period ended, And we entered Matchmaking period. Sharing few tips and informations with Alliance members daily.
As, it can be tough and distracting for Our leader to be server king, from Lost island, we made a new server king. And things are going smoothly on server.
With each passing day, distance of lost island is getting short and heart beats getting high. Excitement is in air. Everyone wants to see, what it feels to be actually there, how it would be there. Let’s hope, it would be a great adventure. Staying positive.
Will return soon with new things to share. See you all soon

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Hello everyone, welcome back. Your friend Eagle eyes here, from Server 608.
So, as you know, am here in continuance of sharing my experiences, during journey of our first lost island event.
As told earlier, we were collecting resources etc, to be prepared for lost Island. The Tab, we intentionally put on our Powers, to get some benefit in Matchmaking, is now over. So most of us, again started to fill our gaps. Putting mutation flora and rest things back.
In selection period, we had decided earlier, 1 of our R4 will choose our desired area, but unfortunately, when we tried, we got to know that only R5 can choose that. And everyone else had chosen there places within seconds.
So we got the one remaining place. So, after losing our coin toss, we finally selected place, we could find. And planned things accordingly.
As from tomorrow, Lost Island will finally begin, so Excitement is all around.
On our alliance diacord, we added more things, and bots, to make it more convenient.
While, in new preparations, we are working on truce making with Other Lost Island alliances, planning perfect strategies to get more resins and stuffs, etc.
In order to talk with other alliances, our R4s had yo visit different servers frequently, but things are finally taking shape. At present, it seems like things are as smooth as we wanted them to be
Excitement is in air, as Tomorrow, we will finally enter in Lost island. Saving our stamina for lost island, we are peaceful currently.
With heart beating heavily, Hoping for a smooth sail and great journey during lost island, Let’s say goodbye for today. Will be back soon, with further updates, soon.

Good morning everyone. Am eagle eyes, here with you all, sharing my experiences of my journey of first lost Island event of our server, S608.
As you all know from earlier posts, Am playing with Alliance LoD, under the leadership of Death Spark. And after a long registration period and matchmaking-selection period, yesterday we finally entered Lost Island map.
Most part of day was spent in understanding map. Liars, ferries etc.
As decided, R5 and R4 started building alliance towers according to our strategy, and while expanding alliance territory. And rest helping them in building towers, liars, ferries etc.
While participating in squirrel, lizards, Hornets, taking soldiers nodes And crab things. Rest of time spent was in gathering.
So, in seeing new things, searching throughout map, it felt like day 1 was over too fast. Resources received on day 1 wasn’t much satisfactory, but also, not that bad too.
Enhancing buildings, fighting hornets, powerful lizards, ferries and many other new experiences were nice. But with that, we also sensed, that its just a beginning, original game is yet to be start.

With hoping for a great journey ahead, And wishing all of you a great day, let’s say good bye for today. See you all again very soon. Keep playing and keep reading.:eagle::eagle:

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Hello friends, yout friend Eagle eyes, here to share my experiences of Our Server’s,608, first lost island event. Excitement we felt - challenges we faced - things we learnt - new understandings - new friends - and many more things.
Am sharing my stories, as we are moving forward, and would share an overall summary, what was new, etc in end of season.
So let’s begin the journey of our experiences.
Its another day in lost island, and we are yet waiting for more things to ne unlocked.
Attacking residence, liars, ferry, gecko, hornets etc, getting soldier nodes, and moving ahead.
Building enhancements and alliance tower building are going with an average speed, feels a bit slow. Season store is nice.
Due to crab, lost island and rest things, daily game is taking more time than usual. With increase in in-game time, there’s also nice amount of resources, if you manage things well.
Current alliance territory of our batch is shared at bottom of post.
Hope things will be more smoother, rewards will be more better and Experiences would be more adventurous.
With wishing you all a good day, let’s say good bye, for today. Will be back here soon.

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Hello friends, Good morning.
Your friend Eagle Eyes here, for reporting of events happening in lost Island. Am a part of s608, LoD alliance, playing under leadership of Death Spark.

We are grouped with Owl alliance, Sti and others.
Although, we wanted to play peacefully, but Sti alliance betrayed all. And started attacking everyone.As sti is trying to create problems for everyone and playing with money, we decided to play not aggressively. As we are new in lost island and not heavily capable, we decided not to spend money on lost Island. With daily fights going with sti, all alliances are playing great. We, Ind and owl with others are keeping sti in their boundaries, because of which wastage of clay is going for sti and their neighbors. Rewards aren’t enough satisfying, so most aren’t interested in playing much.
Due to intensive fights, its getting harder to write much due to lack of time. Will write a detailed reviews and going ons, soon.
See you all soon, bye for now

Hello friends, Am ,Eagle eyes, Back here on forum.
As you all know, we are playing Our first lost island event, with S608. With allies like Owl, Ind etc, and opposite side as Sti etc, its going a War - Peace - War situation.
At this time, All players had collected some amounts of Season soldiers to fill their troops and use them in attacks, sufficient enough to ay for some time. Although, due to continuous attacks of Sti, sometimes it gets difficult to play with season soldiers, because of their high healing cost. So, often most players use evolved T9s, not to get a lot consumption of sand.
Top players are with soldier level 9 tiles, others are managing with level 8 ,7 and 6 tiles. Although, still we can see many, on low level tiles they initially stayed on (I recommend them to either upgrade those tiles to atleast level 6 for now to ensure nice supply of season troops).
Hornets level 19 are a bit hard for last two troops, so recommended use switch formations, and put best soldiers and special ants in different troops in different formations, in order to faster access to stamina, with greater power.
Weaker players are adviced to go with groups or elites to hunt level 40 geckos, for the first of day. Rest, you may choose between level 35 and 40, as per possibility. To enhance buildings faster, you need to manage stamina better. Because there’s a war outside, and daily things inside. All needs stamina, so ensure a strategy for it.

Now, again little information about our situation.
Currently, we are keeping fights on tunnels with sti. As we had failed to get our desired place in selection period, Its being tough to hold Sti on one side, and go ahead in other side. But thanks to our allies, its still manageable.
GH event was a peaceful, and most liked SvS by everyone, and as today was GH, day was great.

With that, I will say good bye. Hope you all have a great day. Wishing you all get huge rewards in game, sound and happy life in real life.

Hello friends, sorry for being late, but yeah, am back. For new readers, let me quickly introduce myself again. Am Eagle eyes, playing with LoD alliance from S608. And here, sharing my story of our first Lost Island.
With each passing day, game here is becoming tough. Even with all level 8 ant tiles, Season ants are not enough and needs to be healed when facing war situations, costing nice amount of resources.
Earlier, fights with Sti were continuous, now for getting closer to tree area, Fights with other alliances also started. Although, its tough and costs lot of resources, still more the fights are, more it boosts excitement to play.:blush:
With residences, tunnels and ferries, hornets, geckos and rest things, its great experience. Actually, now, My personal feeling is, one who hadn’t joined LI, had missed the real The Ants game. Only problem faced is timing of playing game, as LI needs much more time than usual. Although, we play at many times a day, its still hard to be online that much time :confused: . As our selected area wasn’t connected with tree, there are many times fight for connected area with kai and Sti.
With growing excitements day by day and new experiences gained each day, Its going nicely.
Let’s take a leave for today, see you all again soon.

Hello friends, hope everyone is doing well. Am Eagle Eyes, a Lost Island participant from server 608. Reporting our first Lost Island journey, In continuance of this thread.
As informed earlier, To go nearby tree, We needed to cover another full area. In that area, many buildings were already captured by Kai.
Earlier, we were facing a head to head fight from Sti. But now, we managed to be in good terms with them. That’s a good thing. But on the other hand, Fights with Kai, for random buildings is getting tougher. But still manageable and not too harsh on resources.
Now, as most players have 155+ nodes, Season T11 is also no longer a big issue.
Yeah One suggestion, to players who still haven’t upgraded gathering nodes of much lower level, please do that. Sooner the better. So that, you won’t lack T11 in fights.
Current situation is, All alliances are on their way towards tree, and Waiting for tree area to be open. Trying to capture as many buildings as possible. Other than Tree Area, all areas have been unlocked.
With that, Good bye for now. See you all soon.