[Record Post]S566, TVK, Kën, Barren Land, SL. 411

Hi, I’m Ken. I invite you to know my adventure

Our group arrives at server 566 from server 627. After negotiating some r4 positions and some conditions we merged with TVK, our schedules are very similar like our goals. (Win Barren Land)

Two weeks later we had already put RSS together, and we had established ourselves by fighting two EA battles together. Test passed. We understood each other very well.

After 3 days of matchup, surprise surprise : 3 known alliances as allies against 3 unknown Asian allian

It’s our 2nd week and the map looks like this

We get along very well between the groups merged into TVK. And we get along very well with the two allied alliances. There are already plans to attack and defend efficiently. We are very proud of the progress made in these two weeks and we want the fighting days to start soon.