Record Post] (S547) (SEN) Barren Land (SL.502)

Hello all! I’ve been away for a while, but now I’m back :slight_smile:

This time, SEN is going as our own alliance, finally!!! We only have 20 members, but we’re fierce. On our island, there are only 4 total alliances, 2v2.

The blue camp decided to split up between the northmost and southmost areas. Our team plans to 1v2 the red camp in the two clash areas where we have camp bonus, whereas AWA will take over the top clash where red camp has bonus before they can reach it.

In this way, we’ll hopefully shut down the enemy camp and take home victory!


After selecting the cyan zone, one thing we did not realize at first is that the number of ferries in the zone makes it EXTREMELY hard to build quickly, especially with fewer people. A lot of us have to be very diligent about how we spend our stamina, otherwise we won’t have enough for all of these ferries! Because of this, we are 4th in influence, but that’ll soon change after we get past all of these ferries :slight_smile:

Also! On the barren land, you can withdraw from ferries to turn them back neutral, and in the event that you do not have enough buildings to take, turn the ferries neutral and you can retake them for svs points!