[Record Post] S541-MOB-Shen_Hu-Brief summary of previous weeks of LI

Hello, here is a brief summary of another LI for my smaller account on S541. Even though we are pink, we didn’t have enough active fighters to fight against BBB in area 51. So we chose to go for the other side where there is no other alliance and capture the clash wonder first. That gave us some advantages in alliance influences. However, we haven’t occupied every fortress in the clash area yet.

So far we don’t seem to be the strongest alliance, but we do have some people who are pretty strong in this LI. Hopefully we will get some clash wonder occupation rewards and will be able to hold them until the LI ends. Our leader is active daily to give us instructions, but sadly I can’t always be online to help with towers and fights due to time zone differences. I only make sure that the daily tasks are all done and the number of resins is maxed.


This week we tried entering tree area, but the other 2 alliances GGI and BBB allied against us. In fact, some of their top players are pretty strong and can occupy lvl8 tiles at the beginning of LI. So we tactically gave up pushing in tree area.

At the same time, we are discussing with WCS to exchange our clash wonder with their clash wonder.

The good news is that GGI and BBB don’t seem interested in taking our clash wonder for now. But if they come for it, 1v2 will be super hard for us too. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of LI-if other alliances ally against your alliance, most of the time your alliance won’t have a chance and the rest of LI will be a waste of time. It is so miserable that smaller alliances have to spend so much effort in diplomacy to get some achievements done in LI but the big alliances can do whatever they want. The new 3v3 barren wasteland do solve this problem by setting up sides automatically and shorter timeframe also makes it easier to get rewards and new special ants.

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There isn’t any fight this week. We arr out of the land of abundance for now and are taking clash wonder and some other fortresses without pvp pressure. I believe it’s a friendly deal we made with other alliances.

But as you can see, we are also moving upward towards the tree. I guess we may still give it a shot, either under some agreements with BBB or through a blitz. However, we are lacking ppl to fight, so I guess we are just going for an occupation reward, not holding tree till the end.