[Record Post] (S470) (SEN) Lost Island Plan (SI.1165)

Hello! I’m Cry1is of SEN (SENile FUNeral). We decided to go to the lost island, and there are only 6 alliances on our island. We chose brown, and green does not have an alliance.

Because the tunnels open so much more quickly, time to take buildings in the home zone is limited, so brown became one of the best zones to start in, followed by cyan. We plan to take the wonder in the green zone, and additionally, build through the green zone so we reach the clash wonder before blue once clash tunnels open!


On the island, tracking the other alliances is very important. Especially their tower count, their buffs, and who their strongest players are. My alliance creates a chart every time to track these things, so that we go into every battle prepared :slight_smile:



Wow that is very detail.

Labas rytas tu nustabi. arba nustabus

It’s time for the fight in the clash zone! The wonder now has a 2 day delay on opening after the tunnels, so this path will save you one tower in the long run after building to all buildings as brown. The idea is that instead of building straight down from the first residence, you build to the right to the 2nd residence, and use the 2nd residence to save a tower. Additionally, this route positions your towers better to line up with the two residences on either side of the lair.


Hello again everyone! I’m back with another post. This time, we’re looking at the last few hours of the “Everything or Nothing” milestone! 4 days ago, we counted cyan’s total towers, and calculated the most points they could possibly get, then aimed to get 2k more than them in the last hour. Currently we’re building towards our last lair 3, we’re tied, and they can’t get any more influence! :slight_smile:


It’s important to be friendly! One of the things that we learned early on is that a favor granted early returns to you manifold. DAK(cyan) tried to surround the tree early on- and we used this as leverage to get ANT(orange) and ANs(pink) to work with us to eliminate them.

Ultimately, we were able to do it on their own before they arrived, but now we are pursuing DAK’s clash wonder! This was our plan since before we entered our own clash zone, and we invited ANT and ANs to come with us to get their double clash rewards too :slight_smile:


One thing that many alliances do is waste their towers on the tree early. We decided against that, and built directly to as many buffs as possible! Additionally, we gave up first occupation of the tree. Now with 3 days left in the island, we have more than a 100k lead on every other alliance in influence. And that’s without the two wonders that we let ANs take temporarily for rewards!

Buffs are FAR more important than early positions. You will see this on every island that you go to. Additionally, it is far easier to attack than it is to defend, because when you attack, you can rally, but when you defend, you have to station individually, so it’s best to have as few situations as possible where you need to defend a position!


It is the end of our island, and thus the end of these posts. I’m sad to say that we did not win the tree, for a very sad reason.

Our leader promised the pink alliance (ANT), that in the last 3 hours of the island, we would only defend, and not attack the tree if someone else took it from us. I don’t know why we did this, but they took the tree with 30 seconds to spare.