[Record Post] S470 ICE | S:3, B:10 #SL:486

Barren Land: An Extraordinary Quest

As we embark on a fresh journey into Barren Land, a pivotal decision comes to the forefront:the selection of a camp leader who needs to have the trust of all members.

The role of the camp leader is of paramount importance, shaping the course of our expedition. One critical aspect of this is the choice of a protection time that aligns with the best interests of the entire camp not just one alliance. In this regard, the Camp leader, often referred to as R6, bears the responsibility and authority to secure the chosen protection time. This duty carries immense weight, as it influences our safety and strategic advantages during this thrilling adventure in Barren Land.

It’s essential to grasp the fundamental concept that this is a team event. The art of teamwork holds the key to the camp’s triumph. Every choice made by each alliance within the camp carries a profound impact on the entire team. Here, no action stands alone, decisions are not isolated within the boundaries of a single alliance. Success is achieved together through collective efforts and coordinated decisions. As we move forward, let’s remember that our actions resonate far beyond our individual alliances, shaping the destiny of the entire team.

When faced with the challenge of selecting a Camp leader, consider this valuable advice: Brutal honesty outweighs the “nice” deception. A smooth talker doesn’t necessarily correspond to a warm heart.
The cornerstone of a camp’s harmonious cooperation lies in the careful selection of an R6, a camp leader who inspires trust among all members.

Trust in this leader is the keystone that underpins our collective success. This decision serves as the initial step toward fostering a cohesive and productive team dynamic.

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Strategic Readiness: Preparing for Clash Zone Openings

This entry log offers an intricate glimpse into the meticulous organization of our alliance’s early-stage battle preparations.

If you’ve perused my Barren Land guides, you’re already acquainted with a crucial principle, the first and foremost step is to secure as many Ants colonies as possible and elevate them to their maximum level.
For example: if you possess 70 slots and the highest nodes available to you are level 8, then your objective should be to ensure that every single one of those slots houses a level 8 node.

This foundational strategy sets the stage for our upcoming endeavors.
The next step in our preparations involves the strategic enhancement of specific buildings, namely the Soldier Ants Nests, Queen, Pro Troop Rally, and Troop Tunnel. These structures assume paramount importance within our alliance, particularly during the initial phases of our campaign.

If your alliance faces resource constraints or simply wishes to conserve valuable resources during the initial stages of the event, there’s a savvy strategy you can employ. Utilize your T9and T10s troops and allow the healing pools to reach their capacity. Any troops injured beyond this point will automatically be directed to your Season savings, which you can reclaim once the event concludes. This prudent approach ensures that you don’t deplete your resources unnecessarily in the early stages of the event.

However, the single most crucial element is the presence of an effective Camp leader who can skillfully organize our efforts and ensure we adhere to our schedule. It’s imperative to understand that cooperation is the bedrock upon which our success in Barren Land is built. This event hinges on teamwork, and playing in unison as a team is not just important; it’s absolutely essential.

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