[Record Post] S470 ICE | S:2, B:6 #SL:293

Triad Tensions: Navigating the turbulent waters and the delicate balance of discordant friends

Hello, my dears, I am Darling, proudly holding the position of R4 within the esteemed (ICE) Champion Elites on server 470. Allow me to share a glimpse into the essence of our alliance before we embark on this story. To us, the term “alliance” embodies the very concept of family. Our bonds were forged in the fires of camaraderie, ever since we embarked on our journey into the enchanting realm of The Ants. With an unyielding dedication to maintaining fairness and respect, we have stood as a guiding light of unity.

Yet, we aren’t mere bystanders when trust is betrayed or our shared principles are ignored. Our values stand strong, and our commitment remains resolute. The harmony between our experienced strong members and our new and/or weaker members stands as proof of our unwavering unity. But life’s journey isn’t always smooth, and trust can be tested. During our inaugural Barren Land event, our camp had a flawless performance, amassing a staggering 5,040 points, leaving the opposing faction far behind at 940.

Our protection time seamlessly synchronized across every corner of our camp, a testament to our meticulous coordination. When the event finished and we returned to our server, we were surprised to hear of other alliances’ nightmarish experiences. And now in our second season of Barren Land, my very own alliance finds itself in a not-ideal predicament with our camp.

With utmost respect for the alliances involved, and for the sake of facilitating a learning experience , their names shall remain undisclosed in this narrative.

The initial challenge we encountered within our camp centered around the protection time. In a surprising turn of events, the time allotted for protection differed from what had been collectively voted upon. This discrepancy sparked a cascade of discontent, with voices rising in disillusionment. Regrettably, this friction only served the trust and relations within our camp. Our camp leaders alliance offered a series of explanations to account for the confusion.

The narrative shifted through various iterations, eventually settling on the leader’s belief that there existed a broader window of three days following the selection period. Regrettably, this miscalculation escalated the situation, creating a bigger division and debate among camp members. Afterward, the first battle began against our orange rivals, and things went smoothly. But when the second clash started, that’s when our second problem started to arise.

We decided to give the wonder from our secondary clash to our camp partners, as we had already secured the one in the other clash zone. Initially, we were content with our progress, gradually claiming a few buildings while aiming to connect to the Tree zone gate. However, our optimism was short-lived as we began to realize that our camp partners were building to obstruct our path to these tunnels. Our request for them to dismantle one of the towers blocking our way was met with deliberation.

After some discussions on their end, they finally agreed to remove one tower, allowing us a passage through their towers. A while later they took a new step by claiming two out of the three tunnels leading to the Tree zone. This, in itself, wasn’t a significant concern for us. However, matters took a troubling turn when they extended their towers to reach our tunnel. Despite our appeals, they persisted in maintaining their tower, refusing to cooperate further reinforcing their intentions.

I shared this story with you for a simple reason, to underscore the essence of Barren Land, a 3v3 event. While your alliance’s strength matters, remember that this event thrives on teamwork. Unlike Lost Island, where you can choose your allies, Barren Land doesn’t offer that luxury. It’s only natural not to click with everyone, but don’t let that hinder your pursuit of victory, the very reason you’re partaking in this event.

Keep in mind that the fall of one alliance could trigger a domino effect on the others. This isn’t a solo endeavor where your actions exist in isolation. Your choices ripple through your camp and beyond. Success hinges on the collective effort of your camp; thus, it’s crucial not to engage in actions that could derail the event for a multitude of participants. Victory isn’t dependent on being best friends, but rather on mutual respect and cooperation. Lend a hand, and refrain from fracturing your own team. In the grand tapestry of Barren Land, unity is the thread that weaves triumph.

Thank you for your time,



Navigating the Tree Zone’s Tensions

As the time arrives to launch an attack on Tunnel Lvl. 9, an obstacle arises in the form of strained relations within your own camp. How to proceed? The answer lies in the heart of teamwork, a fundamental aspect of this event as emphasized by the developers. Until a solution emerges for the issue of your camp obstructing your alliance, the key lies in prioritizing the tunnel and the tree above all else.

A glimpse into my alliance’s journey reveals that by proactively prioritizing the tunnel in the early stages, we successfully averted the risk of our camp impeding our path to its completion. Numerous alliances encountered challenges in reaching tunnel 9, often due to their focus on capturing buildings over securing a position at the tunnel. I implore you not to fall into that trap. The lesson is clear: consistently prioritize your position at the tunnel. This seemingly simple choice can make all the difference in your journey toward the Tree and your alliance’s experience.


As depicted in the image above, the blue faction initially managed to isolate us (teal) from our intended path. Yet, we navigated around this obstacle by utilizing the corners, as illustrated in the subsequent image below.


In the optimal situation where you’ve successfully reached the tunnel, what if other members of your camp have achieved the same purpose?
Here’s a crucial piece of advice: Secure your gate with your towers, ensuring that your camp cannot interfere upon it with their towers. A lesson drawn from my alliance’s experience highlights our initial naivety in assuming that two gates left, for the alliance known for attempting to hinder us, would suffice but unfortunately it did not, as evident in the image below. They reached for our Tunnel.

image image

Learn from our misjudgment and avoid the same obstacle. Failing to do so grants them the opportunity to challenge your hold on the tunnel or even attempt a last-minute claim, effectively snatching it away. This could leave your alliance entirely cut off from the coveted tree zone. Safeguard your path by seeing this lesson and secure your gate with the vigilance it demands.

In the event that your alliance triumphs in capturing Tunnel Lvl 9, it’s essential to learn from our mistake. Direct your focus immediately towards the tree, securing your place. Despite any tensions within your camp, this remains a collective endeavor that requires united participation so do not block them.

image image image

Even if your camp, despite being at odds, requests your aid in slowing or deterring enemies, exercise caution.Prioritize securing your position at the tree before extending your assistance. A hard-learned lesson from our own journey bears witness to this advice. We decided to help our camp when they pleaded us to slow the enemies. Little did we know that this act of kindness towards our camp will result in our alliance being blocked from accessing the tree zone, as shown in the images above.

However, if you, like us, were playing the role of a good Samaritan and now find yourself ensnared in this scenario, the natural inclination might be to counter by invading Steel Flatland for more points (assuming you’re in the teal alliance like us).


Let me caution you against this course of action. The buff present within that zone is substantial. In our specific situation, we possessed both numerical, power and strategic superiority over our rivals, and yet, the potency of their zone’s buff rendered our invasion futile. This becomes even more crucial if your alliance dedicated days to combatting three opposing alliances all by yourselves, without any external aid. As a consequence, your fungi, resources, and speedup supplies are bound to subside significantly, and we’re all familiar with how slow fungi regenerate.

It’s imperative to note that this insight holds particular relevance within the context of this Barren Land event.I must underline that I cannot definitively confirm whether the buffs will undergo modifications in the next season, potentially altering this dynamic.

Thank you for your time,