[Record Post] s464, TUR, Bael, Lost island with TUR

Hi,Im Bael and I want to tell you story.

My alliance TUR is mostly turkish squad,I came to 464 recently,I bringed my friends here, we played together since beginning at 544.

Last week my alliance leader gathered us and asked : Guys do you want to go for Island or Desert? After quick voting we decided to go for Island. Our goals are playing without stress and with smile.

After quick gathering of resources we packed our bags waiting for leaf to take us to lost Island. Many resources, possibility of making new friends makes us very excited

After matchmaking period we are already lucky! We have only 5 opponentsList of participants

We all hope this island will be very lucky for us.

Island Week 1

The first hours of the island just passed and builders of each alliance started to advance with towers. There were also the first conquests.

Brave warriors of the SuN alliance already make advance: After using of Honeydew alliance TBF also runs towards nests: LeG alliance also don’t stay behind others:
But our brave builders are not stay behind, they start to put towers in the path of our conquest: Our first steps in conquest: Other alliances are making a good job of reaching their goals too:

During the next few days, many nests were conquered, and some alliances were more lucky and organized than others. Despite this, all players are having fun.

AoU and OIO
TUR and LeG

Days of the first week passed quickly, and all alliances advanced towards the nest at a furious tempo, most of them already conquered wonders.

The situation at end of week one:

OIO and AoU
AoU and TBF

Despite that, all participants remain in a good mood and friendly relations towards each other. Everybody is creating new friendships and discussions about having NAP start to have a place between alliances.

Island Week 2

This week on our Island started with great success.
All wonders were conquered by brave warriors:

During the night bonus on tunnel level 6 was taken down, the first tunnel was conquered 40 minutes after reset by alliance TBF.

The rest of the alliances don’t stay behind and follow TBF.


Race for free wonders begun
OIO and AoU are racing on their way to Twin Conchs
TBF is racing with SuN to reach Forsaken Fishbone
Meanwhile TUR conquered next nest:

OIO and AoU
TBF and SuN
Battle for residence lvl 6

Our Island starts to gain speed, We can expect soon first fights between alliances. Which is great opportunity to test our units in combat, Talks about NAP and tree rotation are in motion.

Island Week 3

The last couple days brought us many changes:
On the bottom free spot, TBF took advantage over SuN and took wonder for themselves.
Free zone

In the Clash zone, LeG and SuN decided to split nests, Wonder belongs to SuN now.
LeG and SuN

In the Neighbours zone of TBF and AoU First occupant of the Wonder was AoU,
Begining of week
But because of misunderstandings war appeared which caused to overtake Wonder by TBF, which gave them a total number of 3 wonders under control.
End of the week

On the opposite side of the Map, the free initial zone is still uninvaded. In the clash area TUR and OIO decided to split nests, Wonder however is in the hands of TUR

Now all clans go towards tree area tunnels, which will lose their bonus in 3 days, our Island is entering into most precious moment. It give us many questions.
Will AoU enter tree area?
Who will take the tree and won whole Island, who will be the best alliance?
All aliances will stick to tree rotation pact or soon we will see endless war?

Island Week 4

After tunnels lost their bonuses 4 alliances managed to go through them, making their way towards the tree.

Tree zone
Preparation for tunnels before reset

Most effective in this all was the alliance OIO which conquered many nests.
OIO path

TUR was the second alliance that broke through the tunnel.

TUR conquering tunnel
Situation under the tree now

LeG and SuN joined the tree party in the afternoon.
Unfortunately, TBF and AoU didn’t manage to go through their tunnels for now as shown on first picture.

Ranking this weekend is not very lucky for TUR, but with a little amount of luck, we will bounce from last place.

For now, there was no outbreak to war, I hope that the rest of the island will be as peaceful as previous weeks.

Island Week 5

Unbelievable! Our Island in the last week is frozen!

After SuN took the tree, every alliance froze.

Only TUR and OIO shyly and quietly conquer nests in the free zone between them, Wonder in this zone is in OIO hands.

The island looks like it’s ended, like no one wants to have the tree for its own, or maybe it is silence before thunder?
I will keep you updated next few days.

Island Week 6 The last week of Island with TUR

Last week of the island went under the stagnation mark. Every alliance agreed to have a war over the tree in the last hours of Wednesday.

The ultimate winner of the island was alliance OIO which with a lucky strike dealt the last hit to the tree forces.
Therefore only two alliances - OIO and SuN, were lucky enough to unlock prizes from having the tree.
OIO- the winners

Kill ranking is not very surprising, after all, AoU and TBF had a constant war since entering of clash zone.

Kill ranking
Personal standing in kill ranking

In the influence ranking there is huge gap between first three alliances and remaining three.
Influence gap

I see some lack of diplomacy, in my opinion waiting for the last hours to conquer the tree was not so good idea, there was enough time for everybody to conquer the tree and obtain prizes for this.

Island went under non-aggression pact, which is good for small alliances with not many active players