[Record Post]S393 - YNK - ティグロ - batch 4

hello everyone i am here to tell you about how i went through lost island

i’m in an alliance called YNK and the leader ataraxia. and my alliance strategy is to make many allies on lost island so that they can get their prizes peacefully without any fighting, but it’s very difficult because there are several people in another alliance who provoked my alliance so that other alliances become provoked by it, so only there are only 2 alliances that are not provoked by him and the rest are provoked so they don’t want to ally with my alliance, then we in this lost island of the 8 existing alliances we have 2 allies of them and 5 of them are enemies, and my favorite island is king crab fatland and also pearl island because between the two islands there is an empty island called conch canyon that we can get to get additional influence and additional buffs, while the most challenging island in my opinion was when I was in Adventurous Oasis because on that island my alliance experienced a lot of battles with 3 other alliances.

The intensive battle I’ve ever experienced was in the reclaim of residence Lv.7 which was in the adventurous oasis when during the alliance struggle I fought 2 enemy alliances which cost a lot of diamonds for durability healing and also consumed a lot of resources, but the good news my alliance managed to reclaim that Lv.7 residence.

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