[Record Post] S36 - WTF - Travelling Diplomat, Episode 5, How I became a Leader - Bianca Bellini

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Bianca Bellini
Alliance: KillingWithVibes (WTF)
Server: 36
Personal Observer Goal: This is summary of my 5th Lost Island with my main account. I’m travelling between alliances and servers to help them on Lost Island as Diplomat. On this LI I became an alliance Leader.

Information about participating alliances

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Kings Queen Club KQC 20 Jam 100 12,099,143,016
Tell Fairies Again TFA 119 Vigilante 79 9,769,144,775
KillingWithVibes WTF 36 Bianca Bellini 76 9,717,908,468
RedFireAnts RIF 186 виктор 100 9,672,520,315
Rebel Ants Alliance RAA 113 Mendalar 97 9,055,933,998
Dragon family LAA 169 Himatori 85 8,737,781,753
re wonderland WON 385 くろネコ 94 8,371,320,023
KFC KFC 273 ʟᴜɴɪᴛᴀpaper 92 4,323,800,410


I am a traveler and I help people in real life. I do the same in the game. I join those who need my help on Lost Island. Those who know me know that diplomacy is in my blood and I can change the fate of wars. If you want to know my adventures, read the story of one of the latest.


After an adventure together on the Island with my friends from CBS - Cerberus s134 (I’ll talk about it in Episode 4, which should be coming soon), I joined WTF on server s36. The people there welcomed me very warmly, some knew me from other servers either chats on Discord. The task for me was as usual “simple” - to lead WTF diplomacy in such a way as to win as many awards and archives as possible.

We’re sailing to the island

Usually I have no influence on the composition of the alliance members. I also have little information about the mood there, who is good at what, etc. After all, I am joining a group that I have never been in and immediately become an officer. Almost immediately after my arrival, we set off on our adventure.

Meeting new friends or enemies

So what have we got? I need to get some information from my spies:

  • KQC - they are quite strong, WTF met them on the island before, so there is a chance for fruitful cooperation, especially since they are our neighbors and we will share a Clash Area,
  • TFA - looks dangerous, I met part of their group on another server. Some of them was bunch of rogues from LUC and TCO alliance. They can be a problem, they’re unpredictable. But they are far away from us now,
  • RIF - strong group with mainly Russian players. Very active, saw them smash CBS in Alliance Expedition (I know, CBS was out of numbers), but anyway… ,
  • RAA - looks like WTF they had met them earlier on the Island and became friends. They can help us achieve common goals,
  • LAA - quite strong and active, they defeated RAA in Alliance Expedition. They used to be friends but not anymore,
  • WON - mostly Japanese players. I can speak japanese, so I think we can get along,
  • KFC - our next neighbors with whom we have access to the Clash Area. At the beginning they were a great mystery to me, as it turned out later, an important and friendly partner in this LI.

Say hello to everyone

I always want everyone to win as many prizes as possible and have fun doing it. That is why I often send all leaders and diplomats on the island my proposal for cooperation. We maintain peace situation as long as possible, we let everyone get the tree, and who will hold it in the end we will determine in some fight. Representatives of the alliances reacted differently, some were surprised, some immediately agreed to it, and still others did’t reveal their intentions yet. How would you react?

Going to the Area of Clash

We have a proposal from KQC:

Lets kick KFC from Clash Area

I encourage our leader - Senpai - to hold off on the decision to support the attack against KFC. So we’re in talks for a fair distribution of buildings in the Clash Area in three. Who is going to get Clash Wonder first? We decide on the Clash Wonder challenge: 1 alliance vs 1 alliance in Capture the Tower. Meanwhile KQC is behaving less and less friendly towards us. “Accidentally”, takes our nodes, “accidentally” overtakes us on the way to the building we were building towers and takes it before we arrived.

You are Leader now

Senpai needs a break:

You are only one who can clean this mess

And gave me R5.
And yes, I chose KFC. I said about KQC’s plans to exclude them from the Clash Area. Of course, KQC suddenly announced that they didn’t want to attack KFC anymore, but I didn’t believe them.

Do you wonder who got Wonder?

Yeah, it’s our black horse KFC (black chicken?). KFC won against us and in next 2 days with KQC in Clash Wonder challenge. In each case, the fighting lasted 4 hours. Each alliance defended its 1 tower and attacked the opponent’s 1 tower. Great fun. When the deadline hour struck, won the alliance with a higher percentage health of own tower. We lost by 1%…

Meanwhile on other countries

Northern alliances share their Clash Area fairly. LAA fights in no man’s land against TFA and loses hard (I warned them against them). In order to keep the balance, I am organizing help from RIF. I prevented the TFA from getting stronger, but as it turned out later, it made the RIF stronger. That’s why they get the whole Clash Area for themselves.

I Want to Break Tree

Everyone wants get tree and don’t say it isn’t. Awards, satisfaction, fame… Such an alliance has it easier, new players are more likely to join.
Zones and buildings near the tree shared, everyone is already at the tree except TFA. 7 alliances earns archives Having 3 Wonder in the same time. I’m in talks with the RIF to let TFA touch the Tree. They agree, but a group of TFA rogues rebel against their leader and attack the RIF. Eventually, the uprising is put down and TFA is locked in their starting zone (except some buildings in Area 51).

Who will pick the fruit first?

Exactly… How to settle it fairly? Who is going to win the tree-owning prize first? 7 alliances agree to be decided on a first come, first served basis. So the last hit wins. What do you think? Who was lucky? Whose march destroyed the last defense forces of the Tree? It was… LAA! Congratulations!

The conspiracy of four

Then each of the 7 alliances wins the Tree in turn. Last in line is WTF. Meanwhile, LAA:

We want to get the Tree for SvS points

Ok let them take it after WTF. But they taken also Wonder in their Clash Area. Wait a minute… they’re up to something.
Now how do you resolve having a tree at the end thing? Alliances can’t get along.

  • The last hit wins? - it was already,
  • Factions war? - but how? 4vs3? 2vs5?,
  • 1vs1 one by one? - we don’t have time for that, only 2 days of competition left.

KQC offers me a deal with them, KFC and RIF. I disagree, but I don’t tell them openly.
Ultimately, 4 alliances: KFC, RAA, WON and WTF decide to kick the armies of the other alliances out from the Tree Zone.

Great cooperation

The Pact of Four eliminates the LAA. RAA taking Wonder, WTF and WON taking LAA buildings and destroying their towers in Tree Area. LAA doesn’t give up - taking back Wonder, but KFC comes to the rescue - they get a Tree and Wonder.
RIF, who are still interested in the pact calls me. I can’t officially tell them about the pact of four. All I’m saying is that there will be an all-out war and that they should be prepared.

Great cooperation part two

Only 2 more alliances to eliminate. At 18 UTC there is a coordinated attack on RIF and KQC positions. Due to time zone differences, the toughest fights lasting many hours take on WTF and KFC. We’re all out of fungi, but the area is secure, or so we thought.

An unexpected betrayal, the RIF strikes back

So there’s four of us to share. It is proposed to vote who will keep the tree for themselves. RAA votes for… KFC, WON votes for… nobody! They doesn’t agree with the form of the winner’s decision and attacks us! KFC and WTF defends with success. RAA tries to defend his Wonder but loses with LAA. It’s not over yet, RIF is coming, supported by KQC. WTF towers are destroyed, one RAA left - they still try their luck and attack Tree during big march of RIF players. KFC with one tower, they tries to send troops to defend the Tree, but fails to stop the RIF force! With last breath we defend Wonder in our Clash Area against KQC. It worked. We keep Wonder. What a great fight!


Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

Excluded TFA was missing part. They would surely support us. By this RIF was overbuffed. We had no chance. Maybe we should hit later? So that no one could make a counterattack? You must always be ready for any eventuality.

Are you lying by not telling everything? Are you doomed to infamy by hiding the truth? It’s just a game where we fight each other by all means. All cards on the table! All tricks allowed. As long as you respect the other players. Then a great adventure and fun awaits you. How to do it? Read more episodes, write to me. I will surely help you.


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