[Record Post] S331 AUF, Sizz, Ant Union Family (Batch 16)

We found out that our letter to BAR has been leaked by them to UNS. So we can assume that BAR and UNS may be allies and we just stay neutral with them.


394Rusfighter 21:30 What’s your relationship with auf? No, I haven’t had any contact with them. I know there’s players who used to play with them. What’s your relationship with auf? Rusfighter#394 (UNS) 21:28 [4] #219 Viola I think because of the fact that AUFF will be competing with us, as far as I know they offered this bar Message 2023-03-13 2023-03-13 R4 #219 Viola 21:21 2023-03-13 21:19 I’m sorry I was really distracted. [4] #219 Viola I asked about AUF because they’re our friends and this island we’re going to travel together. If you compete with them, we’ll be on their side. At least it’s fair to friends.

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The next day we have Good news! SLB joins our Union. We have 3 allies now.


The next day BAR Invited JAV and SLB to join them while did not get back to us for our offer.

So our R5 Sam took the initiative to ask them again then only BAR diplomat replied.

Apparently our cooperation and peaceful agreement to them, they see it as means of control of them.


Bad news SLB decided to retract our offer to join us instead be allied with BAR and UNS instead.


Mudskipper / Marsh Challenge Event

The Mudskipper event:

  • last for 5 days
  • consumes 30 stamina per hit
  • to get max personal rewards you need to earn 10k points
  • to get max alliance points you need to earn 800k points.
  • solo hit or rallying does not matter rewards are the same
  • refreshes daily

We require maximum participation from all members. Everyone should at least do 10 hits a day so we get permanent alliance buff to help us in clash zone.

Lots of rewards

Upcoming Event : Mudskipper.

Friends, as you remember, once per island from Monday to Friday a mudskipper appears and greedily demands our energy and time, this island is no exception!

Starting Monday we will need to take 10 hits at the mudskipper each day and get great rewards!

The Mudskipper is the ultimate energy investment for getting island treasures (oranges).

With 15 attacks per day, we’ll get 1,700 oranges and additional rewards.

-1 attack brings 80 oranges
-Completing 10 attacks for personal rewards will bring another 500 oranges.

Total: 80*15+500=1700

After the mudskipper we spend energy on geckos as they give small and large cores to pump cells.

Level 35 geckos bring 22 oranges, respectively, killing 10 geckos we get 220 oranges + 1900 resin.

A level 40 gecko will bring 24 oranges per 1 pc. respectively, it is 240 oranges for 10 geckos + resin.

After the geckos we move on to killing hornets, currently they are level 18 hornets.

1 hornet gives 12 oranges, which will bring us 240 oranges for the murder of 20 Hornets + additional reward of 600 oranges + resin ranging from 1700 to 1900 (random)

So in total we get:
Oranges ~ 2780
Resin ~ 3600+

Energy cost :

  • Mudskipper - 450
  • Geckos 200
  • Hornets - 200
  • Rabbits, etc. - 100

Total: 950 energy per day.

In a day 4 units restore 1100 energy, 275 energy each.

Who and in what order to kill, decide for yourself, the approximate number of bonuses translated above, mudskipper is always first in line.

Alliance Rewards
Here are the buffs you’ll get based on the total points earned by all Alliance members. The maximum buffs that can be obtained in 5 days are attack power and defense power +50%, Health +20%, and destruction soldier ants +20%.


Some of the members created avatar for our alliance


Tower planning to go to the Green Zone

Tomorrow we will have 22 towers, the plan requires 28 towers.

On Wednesday we will be given 7 more towers.


It’s nice to have the whole area to yourself. Such an exclusive zone 51 XD

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Once the Tunnel Level 5 towards Green zone Bonus was off AUF and BAR build their path towards the Green Zone wonder. AUF decided to let BAR capture the wonder first and wait for the right time to take it back when more players will be online. Defending is harder than capturing. So Auf decided to use `take one step back and 2 step forward strategy´. However many of the alliance member do not agree to that. Many thinks why give BAR the chance to have it when we have the equal chance.

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We failed in recapturing the Wonder in the Greenzone. BAR consist of mostly of strong players and they are active most of the time. They recruit mostly P2W and big boys players.

KTA came over to the greenzone to help us in the coming Clash area.


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KTA decided to enter the tunnel first during reset and we will capture it after 40 minutes.
Initially we thought we will reach the wonder at the clash zone first. However weirdly UNS able to capture the tunnel exactly 2 minute after reset and there was a tower bug in building tower faster than normal. Hence, UNS able to reach the wonder at the same time with us even though they were the furthest away from the wonder.

When we start attacking the wonder UNS reach the wonder as well. They tried stealing last last hit and they succeeded. They send a lot of solo units for the wonder.

After that we were kicked out from the clash zone. Mainly due to the unfairness of Tower Bug Fast Healing and Fast Building and UNS knew about it and used it to their advantage.

FOr the next 2 days we tried to figure out how the bugs work. We experiment with different ways and we found it the way to trigger the bug.

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We were in 15 hours of Battle. All of us used up all our stamina and funghi.

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Whereas in the clash zone shared by SLB and JAF, JAF has conquered the whole clash zone and pushed SLB out. We can see UNS build their towers down south to help SLB.

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When UNS reach their hand out to helb SLB, KTA decided to build towards JAF to help them.


Our next plan towards the tree zone.

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Our Bloody Island. Unstoppable (UNS) `Blue´ , Ant Union Family (AUF) Purple ,Blood and Feathers (BAR) Brown , Korea The Ants (KTA) Yellow 4 alliances in our island in top 10 for kills ranking.

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When the tunnel towards the tree zone opens, BAR, UNS and AUF started to build towers towards the middle of the tree zone. KTA and JAF remains at the clash zone to fight off UNS and SLB and does not have enough clay to enter the tree zone.

DAY 1 in the Tree zone it was 2 vs 1 between AUF and BAR and UNS. AUF loss that night when most of the players went to sleep. Long hours of fight for AUF that day and they loss all their towers.