[Record Post] S300-TIG-Shen_Hu-Ending LI and Preparation for Barren Wasteland

Our alliance TIG has just left LI. We hold the tree until competition period ends. This is the 4th LI victory but the 1st victory for me.

I prepared for rss by hitting my farms more than 20 times a day. Hopefully I will get into barren wasteland with a full depot. Still the rss that I lack the most is honeydew, not considering water which I am always short in(Since water is not plunderable, I don’t consider it as rss). I grabbed some healing speedups on kill event too.

For now, we still have no idea about who we will me matched against. But there is a rumor that we are likely to match against s292 where the werewolf alliance is. Indeed, it’s hard to tell who will win TIG vs ZLS. But I’ll try my best if we meet each other in 3v3.

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I am hitting my farms 20 times or more these few days and today barren Wasteland matchup is out! It is us(TIG), KoL, 1LC vs ZLS, VMS, and TYO. This is a pretty good matchup for us because KoL has 2 big whales Kepal and Robot, which VMS and TYO don’t have. They are active and KoL has some other strong players too.

We are still discussing the strategies. One of them is that we take the lower initial place along with KoL so we should be able to deal with any of their combo, even including ZLS, because TYO and VMS can’t help with ZLS much. It’s debatable whether we can win against ZLS on our own though. If 1LC chooses the upper initial place, they should be able to deal with TYO or VMS since there is only 1 super strong whale in all those alliances. Even if 1LC loses, it’s ok for ZLS, VMS, or TYO to take the smaller buffs compared with what’s in the lower clash areas, which KoL and TIG will take back later. But there are some ppl who suggest us choosing the upper initial places too, as long as KoL is strong enough to even out ZLS if they meet in the lower clash areas.

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You guys are not breaking up :sweat_smile:
Every event you play together. It is very interesting how your confrontation will end