[Record Post]S219 KTA 4th lost island

this time, we integeated with s219, 214, 229’s members and became quite enhanced party.

however, the ant company won’t leave us to go ease…

the match-up performed with only 4 alliances, including group3’s the most strongest player(in my thought), blueant.

TAW’s both side became empty and thanks to that, TAW can get the most power from starting zone than the other area.

KTA got the pink(which ‘was’ the best zone if the game goes normally), but there’s FLe on our just left, which had conflict with GAU when we was in s214.

the things goes like more funny this time, as there’s only four alliances which means there’s low variables here that we can make.

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this island will become really hard for us I think.

KTA and lav, TAW and FLe integrated.(we tried to contact FLe or TAW but they ignore our mails…)

as there are 5 bonus area leftovers, lav and us concluded that we don’t need to argue about the bonus area, and we will get the normal bonus area, and lav decided to get brown area as their bonus area.

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