[Record Post] S18, PHX, My experience in LI(Season1)

Hello all , I’m sharing my experience during the 45 days i spend with my team PHX from s18 , and this is how our island been .

May 13 ,2022

When the tunnel lvl 5 opened the yallow alliance in my map destroyed their own tower that connected to the main building alliance

If it’s for 2 reasons which is :

1- protect the building from reaching by enemy : the building already don’t have attack or rally buttons

2- for tower clay refunds, towers that already built can’t be refunded as clay

3-if alliance reach tower building limits that’s the only way to progress that left for them to keep going

The yallow clan seccussful to get into purple alliance area and manage to get lairs but they can’t get closer to the lair because of wonder has still on purple alliance

On the other hand the blue take the wonder from pink alliance and now the pink Allinace can’t get closer to their own lair to rally on it

The wonder very important building and can make huge difference in map and fight
For 2 reasons

1- help Allinace to get closer to the lairs and towers to take them easily

2- production season ants increase

3- rewards of occupied wonders and achievement

On the other hand there is my alliance who kept there prograss inside the area
And not involved in any war so far or take tunnels

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May 15 ,2022

The yallow alliance break the tower for reaching his limits of building towers to join to other side war

After the tragedy war with blue and orange the pink decided to look on the other side of the map and move forward but unfortunately blue watching closely what is going on made a deal with the orange to get the area just by themselves
The orange back to his area losing 2 lairs but… Trying with wonder, would they go this way as they planning? Who knows

May 19 ,2022

May 22 ,2022

24 days left for island, my alliance is PHX, still has no interest to get into pvp, and dodge war again, my alliance members has a lot of things to do in real life, so many players we lost, and many players has some sad situation in real life that can’t give the best performance on island
We decided that we don’t fight over tower or lair and go to tree path instead of losing our rss and troops over lvl 6 lair

May 23 , 2022

Hi this is Duchess from server 18, my alliance is PHX
The arrangement been broken by the yallow clan, because of our alliance has some things in real life going on during the island, other alliances notice our weakness and take advantage of this by breaking the arrangement of taking the half side of New area, but we Also managed to avoid war with them and create new path to lvl 9 tunnel hoping that can we reach it in time without blood bath ants, and tomorrow is gathering day i have my own thoughts about the attack and advice my alliance to stay away from the shared area for gathering safely in our area ,losing svs and some lair will be too damaged at one day

May 24 ,2022

we made it!, we have our path to the tree of abundance, without any problems with any other alliances so far, we will have the lairs on this path, other alliances on the map seems got bored with event, our zone season quiet and rarely talk to others, as for me i get bored with the event, it sucking my energy, I came here on first place to Change my mood and do action, but seems going in the wrong direction.

But I’m thankful about the updates, spically the rally bait been reduced to 5 daily, that helps me so much, and the retreat time also is helpful no need to wait for 30 minutes

As for my progress, I can balance between my svs and island event, i can do that easily, was difficult at the beginning but now seems easy.

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May 25 ,2022

May 26,2022

May 27 ,2022

as a strategy advice i dont fight over lair or tower only keep fighting over tunnel for defense or for wonder other wise its useless and cost so much rss and energy

May 28 ,2022

May 29,2022

Jun 1 ,2022

We take the wonder back last night but, unfortunately we lost it at day, island need to be 24/7 available or at least be shifting

Jun 2 , 2022

Jun 4 ,2022