[Record Post] S18, NRS, Group 5 Island(Season 2)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: stυввorη вαѕтαяd

Alliance: Lizard Lickers (NRS)

Personal Observer Goal: Post tips and guides for all island players as well as my team. Post updates on our map for all others to follow progress of Map 5

Group 5 Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Royal Ants Fighter   RAF 9 AzuL 80 6345641423
The Horde   THA 13 ༒ PₑᵣᵣᵢN ༒ 92 5185293458
Myrmecia Fraternelle   MYF 91 ☆Luna☆ 93 4873947314
Lizard Lickers   NRS 18 stυввorη вαѕтαяd 90 5864248716
Phoenix   PNX 42 M4kler 80 5496070389
The Ants Empire   TAE 69 IamRaider 74 6822230565
Neko World   NKW 2 MR•Cat 想要你喵 100 5096677875
Evolution   EVO 87 Maverick 81 8012663410

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After voting of all the members in the alliance, it was decided that our favored spot for this island was Coral Island … When season selection period opened, I was online and ready to select and we got our favorite spot!

After reviewing our matchup for this Island, we are very excited :blush:


What were some of the factors that made coral preferred?


Ability to free port to more tiles since its one of the larger areas, higher starting influence and buffs since it has more buildings than most other territories… Easy access to the tree from the South entrances instead of the North entrances… because Last Island we found out that it takes much less towers to reach the tree from the south entrance than the north… so the south teams can not only reach the tree much earlier than North teams but they can block the entire thing

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Season Soldier Ants Info

How to obtain Season Soldier Ants?

Season Soldier Ants cannot be obtained from hatching but from the following methods:
①Soldier Ants Colony
②Enhance Building
③Fortress Occupation
④Season Achievements.

  1. Obtaining via Soldier Ants Colony
    You can obtain Season Soldier Ants by occupying the Soldier Ants Colony. The higher level of the Soldier Ants Colony, the more Season Soldier Ants can be produced. Different types of Soldier Ants Colonies will provide different Season Soldier Ants.

(Make sure to click the little i in the top right corner of the tile to see which troops are stationing it as well, so you can counter easier or choose tiles that have your troops counter ability) :wink: this is HIGH priority, get these ASAP once island begins and make sure you always have a full amount (ex 68/68)

  1. Enhancing Building
    You can increase the output of Season Soldier Ants by enhancing buildings, which will consume resources and certain Enhancement Resin.

(But no longer require resources!! Yay - make sure to pay attention to first enhance the building giving your PRIMARY fighting troop)

  1. Fortress Occupation
    Season Soldier Ants’ output can be increased by occupying Fortress by Alliances.

  2. Season Achievements
    Season Soldier Ants can be obtained by completing specific achievements.

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A video I made from last season re: how to get resin quickly to enhance buildings faster to get those T11 season troops quickly

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It’s an interesting strategy, I’ll be watching your progress :eyes:


Interesting first day on the island - we are all learning how to adjust to this new 15 tower limit per day… It changes the entire strategy of the island, we did not realize it right away and unfortunately used all of our towers for today in the first few hours – so we will have to space ourselves out more into the later part of the day for our EU players… Some adjustments to be made but not impossible.

I will say that as an R5 I will LOVE not having to chase down people every single day to get them to do their clay but also very interested to see how the progression of the map goes as we get closer to tunnel openings.


March times graphic for fortresses


Fruit Rewards Chart - how to earn


How we help our players get the fortress kills achievement in lost island


Brief explanation of the hornet invasion event and how and why to do it

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Day 1 tunnels opened… it has already popped off as we try to defend our zone… we saw TAE marching very close to our gate and we moved as quickly as possible to defend it…

We wanted to destroy the tower they built up to our tunnel but the homeland buffs that they added are insane… so we were unable to destroy the tower they built but we were able to defend our own tunnel

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The home land buff is pretty crazy… when they attack our Tower on our home land, it takes 10 hits to clear 1 average march of ours out…

And when we attack them in their homeland they seem much harder to break… so it is definitely more strategic to let them attack you on your home land

Good Luck! and nice write up. looking forward to your future posts!

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We are ranking at 6th place in Batch 1 and didnt even leave our home territory yet! We are patiently awaiting the opening of the Clash Zone tunnels while we defend our tunnels from TAE