[Record Post] S177-Lira Ylvanis- The Daily life of the Island Ant-Batch 8

Hello! My name is Lira and i am the sparkle ant of the group. When We came to lot island i was placed in charged of doing alliance mails as the go between on discord and alliance and do summaries. I am taking a different route this season on posting because our island has 4 observers.

Welcome to the daily life of the island worker ant!

Here i will give the basics of routine on what you should do when going to island!

I read the alliance mail and it said to prep and get ready, we are going back to lost island. I like lost island! A chance to meet new players and have fun with new faces. I did as i was told, I took my little worker ant legs and filled up my depots. Honeydew i made sure had double what i took last time.

It was same thing everyday, Use all stamina on building res and working colony action. I wanted to take advantage of the free teleport and safe resources. I made sure to farm enough everyday that SVS did not impact safe resources at all. I even set reminder alarms for free times so i did not miss CA. On hatching days i made sure to enhance a few more batches than usual. I found i ended up using t9 last lost island when ran out of revival fungi. so wanted to have more on hand that could be sacrificed. I was truly hoping for another talkative group and just a really good time. but would find out shortly that we had a very quiet group…or else i smell really bad…not sure yet, have not got close enough to them to tell.

When we first arrived on the island, i set to work to doing dailies. The first four gives the alliance clay in which to build with. Task 2, dust off all four marches and get to hunting. I raised my stick and prepared to chase down and bbq all the lizards. If you haven’t had bbq lizards i recommend it. Wonderful flavor! Reset is where i start my counter. lizards- :white_check_mark:
Now to turn to the nodes!!! MY NODES!!! It is always a race to see who get what shooter nodes first. We have a few carrier and guard mains so it does ease some of the node hurting. From day 1 level 7-5 nodes were being taken. After the and lower were gone we started taking even lower number nodes…why you may ask? After about a week roughly you can upgrade all nodes to level 6.

Still poking season chat in search of silly chatters like me…cries …I haven’t found any.

Till next time! love yall!

Hello again,

Some things have changed in my daily routine. There was an event that took place on the island. The Hornet invasion and node increase has starting becoming more stamina intensive. The clay gathering is still a priority. Nodes are becoming scarce of the desired levels.

The thing about the hornet invasion, you have a 100 people looking for the same insect you are. You will have a few choices to make at this point. You can either gather about 15-20 nodes of high level, then get lower and allows others to gain strength as well OR you can take as many high level nodes as fast as you can.

The hornets! When they have the event of hunt hornets for troops and chests you want to hunt the 20 hornets a day! if you hunt all of them you can get a season egg. I was happy to get the extra egg as i have always turned in the selective chests for the lost island season eggs. I do a loop around the edge and then check watering holes and rock formations across the home zone.

I break up the stamina issue by doing half my runs at reset and half after my rest period. This way i can still do lizards and weekly baits, on svs special event day i am able to hunt extra insects. Learning to conserve your stamina is going to be vital.

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THE MUDSKIPPER!!! The evil, foul, stamina eating monster! I am just kidding…sort of. As i watched it spawn and the notification appear, i inwardly sighed but was happy to get earn the alliance wide buff.

The mudskipper event lasted for 5 days with the stamina consumption of the 30 and a maximum of 15 hits per day. If you reached 10k points individual and 800k points alliance wide. If every one hits their max rewards you can reach all buffs everyday. Point value is not to high, you can get max points by hitting at least 20k damage.

So my poor little ants every day at reset took advantage of the 4 saved formations ability. I was able to run 3 times all 4 marches making for 12 attacks. I did this on nights i had to work early and ran lizards on the way to work. On nights to where I was off the next day i ran half skipper runs after 4 lizards.

When its time to sleep what i do is set all my troops to gathering. In case ya didn’t know, you earn resin from gathering as well as doing lizards and hornets. When i get up in the morning after lizards i send one march to warzone construction and the other three gathering on work days.

Gathering is amazing on the island, there is no frustration over hitting max gather time and everyone can share the same node. The island also gives a fertile buff so you never have to worry about when the buff will be used by the king. This is a good advantage for the cultivator and gathering lovers!!!

The building day!!! omg i love building day on the island, as i am sure most maxed level players do. We finally have something to build and get to 9 shells.The ability to get all the creature remains on svs makes going to the island worth it alone. As every one knows, creature remains are the most coveted items next to exotic shells.