[Record Post] S134 - RBX - Travelling Diplomat, Episode 2, The best Island I've ever been - Bianca Bellini

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Bianca Bellini
Alliance: Rebel Bit*hes X(RBX)
Server: 134
Personal Observer Goal: This are my memories and flashbacks of my 2th Lost Island with my main account. I’m travelling between alliances and servers to help them on Lost Island as Diplomat. On that LI there was a lot going on. There were great battles, unity against the strongest opponent, but most of all, many new friendships were made.

Information about participating alliances

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Rebel Bit*ches X RBX 134 bugslite 98 7,762,451,616
TheOriginalDevils ToD 150 QueenDantes 99 7,195,192,916
Suicide Squad Fuk 156 Kevin98527 100 8,216,373,416
Conquerors of Midgard CoM 122 HydraLuna 94 6,830,144,276
Amitopia ATM 192 베리 100 10,454,353,747
REVOLUTIONARY ANTS REA 163 Charlomango 99 7,269,449,381
Dream Eater Family DEF 106 Charlemagne 99 7,959,897,516
Cerberus CBS 134 Ramses 100 10,129,671,403


I am a traveler and I help people in real life. I do the same in the game. I join those who need my help on Lost Island. This time my alliance REX merged with BUG alliance. Our Leader - Tom quit game. So are 2 important officers and some other players. We had to join forces and become a new alliance.

New start

After an adventure together on first Island with my friends from REX s134 (I’ll talk about it in Episode 1, which should be coming soon), another adventure awaited us with a new Leader in the new version of Alliace. And again I was Diplomat.

Many old friends, the new ones as well and ATM again

We knew a lot of people from ToD, our neighbors, from previous servers - most of them were rogues. We expected problems, but on the other side of the ToD site were our friends from CBS. One false move and they would be invaded from both sides.
Plus some friends from DEF (even 3 friends from my born server and even HIV alliance), REA and CoM. And of course, we meet ATMs for the second time.
Everyone was concerned about them, even the members of RBX except me. I wasn’t afraid of any big threats. I understand that the previous meeting with them left mixed feelings, but I know that they are honorable people and it could have been played out differently (more on that in the next retrospective article). I don’t dispute that ATM is very strong and they will want to get the tree for themselves. I was just against the notion, that they will not play fair and take all possible prizes and don’t share with others.

Idea of sharing Tree

I planted the seed, the idea of sharing rewards with all alliance. We talked in a special Discord chat for our islanders, and in game and private messages. Many supported my idea, but first they wanted to fight a little to determine the future winner who would take the Tree at the end. All the time, however, people saw the threat from ATM and that they could not be trusted. To this day, I don’t know if ATM made a deal with DEF to “rent” their Wonder, or if it was extortion. Either way, with the help of the newly-introduced launch territory buff (+100%), DEF pushed ATM out of its territory.

Fantastic Warmongers and how to silence them all

CBS had a desire to conquer ToD. I kept dissuading them from this idea for as long as I could. I believed that we might need all the alliances to defeat the strongest opponent. However, ToD had a split in its ranks - members quarreled among themselves. Before the island, the 3 alliances merged into ToD, so part of the group did not agree with the decisions of the command and performed several lone actions contrary to orders. One of these provoked the CBS into a fight that prevented the ToD from entering the Clash Area.

Next were the instigators from the CoM - they, in turn, wanted to carry out an invasion of the REA. It was not easy to convince them that this would not be a good move, as we would need their support at the Tree. Later it turned out that the REA, although not so strong, had the heart to fight and inflicted heavy losses on the enemies for 24 hours. In any case, the CoM let go and took care of the Neutral Area and getting along with Fuk on the matter.

It was also not without muzzles in the chat room. Today in Barren Land, such can be curbed by punishing with the position of R0, and back then it was difficult to discipline players who made a fuss or insulted others. There was just such an incident between CBS and ATM, but I held back possible retaliation.

Fair division of Clash Area

This is the second batch for us for servers 2-200 and the first time we had a peaceful situation and agreed that we would divide the Clash Area buildings equally among ourselves. Of course, there were plenty of concepts and discussions, but in the end we managed to come to an agreement. REA, RBX and CoM shared the buildings and Wonder and we were ready to enter the Tree Zone. One thing was agreed - we were working together and wanted to win the prizes for the three of us, or at least prevent ATM from winning the Tree.

Total War

The other alliances wanted the same. So a grand coalition was formed against ATM, who were even stronger than last time after merged with sss. The coalition was made up of DEF, CBS, CoM, RBX and REA. ToD was blocked by CBS, Fuk had no access to the Tree Zone because of ATM. The others started to win with ATM.

End Game

ATM didn’t let up, but they realized they couldn’t win with 5 at once. They made a deal with Fuk - that they would unlock the tunnels and guarantee them to touch the Tree with a support them in the fight. The ToD also seized their chance and helped ATM at the price of partaking in the rewards for the Tree.

Amitopia gained a slight advantage. RBX and REA put up the strongest resistance, and CoM had already let up by the end. Everyone was exhausted from the fighting, and ATM consolidated its positions and a stalemate ensued. So negotiations began. The order of capturing the Tree was jointly agreed upon - ATM first, then RBX and all the other Alliances in turn, and finally Amitopia held the Tree.


It was a nice game, very intense and challenging - strategy, battles and diplomacy. However, it went on without stress and in a pleasant atmosphere. I met many new friends and strengthened old friendships. I keep in touch with these people all the time.

Some of the DEF players came to our server later for a while, the whole CoM also migrated to s134 and ToD fell apart due to internal dissension and lack of major successes. Berry - Leader of ATM, still remains my friend, and I had the opportunity to prove that ATM keep their word and are honorable.