[Record Post] S134 - RBL - Travelling Diplomat, Episode 3, How to turn enemy into best friend - Bianca Bellini

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Bianca Bellini
Alliance: Rebel Bit*hes L (RBL)
Server: 134
Personal Observer Goal: This are my memories and flashbacks of my 3th Lost Island with my main account. I’m travelling between alliances and servers to help them on Lost Island as Diplomat. On that LI we fight hard with one enemy, who became our greatest ally.

Information about participating alliances

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Rebel Bit*hes L RBL 134 bugslite 100 10,662,022,059
Hankook ant team HAN 290 병욱개 미습 100 7,148,109,225
neet NET 205 はいぼーるん 92 5,236,292,562
Living in a Sin LIS 260 Miander 99 6,161,046,706
Jingwumen JWM 269 李莫愁 100 5,530,348,717
YouTalkThreeSmall YTS 290 Dr希卡魯 100 6,247,850,923
Warwolf Squadron ZLS 292 战狼中队小雨天1 100 12,110,149,913
Cerberus CBS 134 Kasach 96 11,719,470,551


I am a traveler and I help people in real life. I do the same in the game. I join those who need my help on Lost Island. This time I stayed in RBL, a new version of RBX alliance.


After an adventure together on the Island with my friends from RBX s134 (I’ll talk about it in Episode 2, which should be coming soon), sounds like the same alliance, but with different alliance she’ll and quite ne people. And again I was Diplomat.

Testing new alliance shell

We came up with the idea that instead of the advanced level 12 alliance shell, we would use our farm alliance shell. We wanted to see if alliance level would affect matchmaking. In my opinion, it did, but not as much as we expected. We were assigned players, both weaker and stronger than us.

Catch the first contact

RBL is also multinational alliance, Aussie, Europeans, Americans, some Asians.We were lucky and once again launched to the same island with friends from our shared server - CBS. Besides, we didn’t know any of the opponents, so at first, as usual, I tried to establish friendly diplomatic relations. With LIS alliance, we managed to make good contact right away, because there were players similar to us and the alliance was officially English-speaking. One of my diplomatic contact from LIS was player Mafia. We immediately agreed on the possible division of the neutral zone. So our immediate borders were secure. The first attempts to establish a good contact with NET did’t turn out to be too successful. And this is an important opponent that we were supposed to share the Clash Area with.

Road to War

In the beginning, neet demanded all Clash Area buffs.
They sensed that they would need all possible reinforcements against the ZLS. It turned out that they should not be afraid of them, but more on that later. We wanted a fairly even distribution of buildings in the Area of ​​Clash, but they wanted to keep everything to themselves. We couldn’t agree to that. But they were proud of their strength and confident. The next stage of the upcoming armed conflict was the dispute between the neet and Cerberus over the sharing of tunnels. Cerberus wanted to share 2 tunnels and neet only wanted one. The first skirmish took place.

Big fight in Clash Area

We knew this was going to happen and we knew that neet had a lot of strong players and that we were going to have some tough fights. But we were not alone - all military activities were coordinated with CBS. NET took Wonder as first, because they were the closest. They tried to capture the remaining buildings of the Clash Area, but each time the RBL&CBS allies recaptured this positions. We were doing sleeping time for neet players - mostly Japanese and Korean. We started to be successful and slowly push them away. But something unexpected happened…

LIS leaves the Island and all the problems that come with it

Nobody expected this, but due to the conflict with JWM, LIS understood that they had no chance against them, especially since JWM allied with ZLS. Assuming they couldn’t even touch the tree, they voted to leave events before it ends. Initially, this had some benefits for us - we were able to capture the entire neutral zone and some of the LIS buildings after they left the Lost Island. We initially agreed with JWM on the division of the LIS zone. Unfortunately, they turned out to be very arrogant and betrayed us by attacking our position. The friends from LIS were right - we don’t stand a chance against them. This happened simultaneously with our first successes in the war against NET. I had no other choice, the streak of success could be interrupted at any time due to the appearance of a new enemy on the second war front. Fortunately, NET did not know about it yet and they themselves proposed a ceasefire and diplomatic talks.

The hardest diplomatic talks I ever had

NET realized that they had no choice but to ally with us to defeat the ZLS and JWM alliance. Diplomatic talks were extremely difficult. Just a moment ago we were enemies, now we must cooperate. I spent several hours in a row to discuss all matters. NET is a proud and strong alliance, it’s hard to negotiate concessions with them. There were several moments where the peace talks would ended fiasco. But I used all my skills to carry out this crazy plan to ally old enemies against a new common enemy. It’s possible, but requires great composure, focus on a common goal and patience. We managed to negotiate a touch of Clash Wonder and in the future also a tree. Anyway, the battle zone with NET ceased to exist and we could protect ourselves and repel the JWM attack our starting area.

A great coalition breaks up the strongest

NET and CBS heavily attacked ZLS towers and buildings in the Tree Zone. During this time, RBL kept JWM busy outside the tree zone. HAN, seeing the ZLS defeats, withdrew from the battle for the Tree. NET could fight 2 alliances at the same time, so together with CBS they dealt with ZLS. The Tree has been secured, but neet agreed to let the other fighters touch the Tree.

The betrayal of a young woman

NET asks that all alliances be turned on beforehand, so that they eliminate the towers near the tree. They wanted to protect themselves against a possible attack and take a commemorative screen shot on Tree. Unfortunately, not everyone did it conscientiously and accurately. JWM had a tower near the tree and they attacked the Tree at the end of the event. RBL and CBS respected NET’s request and we removed enough towers around the Tree that later we were unable to help NET defend itself against JWM. And we certainly would. We have already behaved honorably and proved our friendship. Ultimately the Jingwumen appropriated the Tree.


Better an enemy turned friend than a friend turned enemy.

Just a little more trust from NET and RBL and CBS affiliates would help defend the NET Tree. Sometimes it is better to trust an old enemy who turned into an ally and was able to put aside differences and old disputes to defeat a common enemy. We got what we planned. It’s just a pity that the neet was on the verge of winning.

How to conduct difficult diplomatic talks and convince enemies to cooperate?
Read more episodes, write to me. I will surely help you.