[Record Post] S134 - CBS - Travelling Diplomat, Episode 4, Clashed with Asia Powa - Bianca Bellini

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Bianca Bellini
Alliance: Cerberus (CBS)
Server: 134
Personal Observer Goal: This are my memories and flashbacks of my 4th Lost Island with my main account. I’m travelling between alliances and servers to help them on Lost Island as Diplomat. On that LI I met lot of new friends from Asia.

Information about participating alliances

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Violance and Crazy VAC 211 ストレラ火160円 78 5,358,570,819
SUSIYAKUZA syz 258 変態女教師 64 5,784,703,550
Sorega Komachi Yade SKY 291 YAKIONI 66 5,022,143,573
Top Gun Maverick TGM 290 福楊 66 5,377,487,71
Paladin PLD 192 케이 74 3,595,205,026
tools 978 290 Rita 60 4,616,090,818
PillBullEater PBE 205 空間ヨヰ:金欠星人そーた. 66 4,556,495,556
Cerberus CBS 134 Ramses 62 8,719,216,135


I am a traveler and I help people in real life. I do the same in the game. I join those who need my help on Lost Island. This time I joined my friends from Cerberus and I had a wonderful time.


After an adventure together on the Island with my friends from RBL s134 (I’ll talk about it in Episode 3, which should be coming soon), I joined CBS in the same server s134. There are wonderful people in whole server, I spent the most time with them, so they are all my family. It’s a special server. And again I joined as Diplomat.

Run to the Island, woof!

Only the most active members took part in the event. Occasional players stayed on the server or temporarily joined other alliances. Perhaps more players would be useful, because even the active ones need a break from time to time. But I’ll talk about that later.

Kon’nichiwa, Nǐ hǎo, Annyeonghaseyo! Who are you?

CBS is multinational alliance, but almost all Europeans, especially German speakers. We didn’t know anyone on this island, especially from distant servers and Asian alliances. Even if I can speak these languages, I will still be seen as Gaijin.We only had scraps of information about who is strong and could pose a threat. Geopolitical situation and origin from the same server and declared alliance language could suggest allies. We were the only alliance outside of 3 Asian countries. should we have been afraid? I had no choice but to say hello to my opponents and invite them to potential cooperation.

First successes and failures

It was a challenge for us. But we managed to establish friendly relations with our neighbors - syz and PBE. We managed to conclude a non-aggression pact and an exchange of tunnels with both neighbours.
But poor judgment and a willingness to fight led the members of Cerberus astray.

War, war, we need some war!

On CBS forum the warmongers idea was born to attack pink (syz). They looked like the weakest of our neighbors and people were bored after a few days of LI and wanted to fight. A vote was held among the members of CBS. Only 2 people were against this war, including me. Then we entered the syz starting area and building towers to the neutral zone, capturing unconquered Lairs on the neighbor’s land along the way. We met no resistance. They were far away.

In Area of Clash we are clashed

It was already certain that we would cross blades in the Clash Area. Buffs… we wanted them all to ourselves and the syz wanted revenge for our attack on their homeland. We had a false start entering this zone, the tunnel was attacked seconds before it was unblocked. Which started a 1 hour countdown from the attack until the tunnel was revitalized. It caused the whole situation to be delayed - during this time, a lot quickly gained the upper hand.There were the first clashes with syz, which we started to lose.

So close to loose everything

It turned out that CBS was experiencing a crisis of player activity. We couldn’t put enough troops into the fight. Our pink neighbor turned out to be a demanding opponent, active for 24 hours. The final nail in our coffin was syz winning the Clash Wonder race. The advantage of gained opponents buffs hastened our defeat. Our morale dropped and we were completely pushed out of the Clash Area.

And that’s it? Trapped in the starting area with no rewards? No way! Not on my shift!

My diplomatic efforts came to the rescue. The talks lasted a long time. I offered syz support syz+PLD+TGM+tools faction against others. We acted honorably and respected all syz’s requests - including the withdrawal of our troops from their area and the elimination of unnecessary towers. CBS has been admitted to the awards for getting Clash Wonder and Tree.


A former enemy becomes your best ally

Cards have already been dealt. Under the onslaught of troops, the faction won over the remaining alliances and also captured the remaining Clash Wonders, dividing them among themselves. Our part in the fighting was not very great, but the prizes we won were satisfying for us. It’s much better than being locked out for the rest of the event as a loser in starting zone. The best part is that the former enemy helped the most to convince the allies to us.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Better not to underestimate opponents to rashly. It’s better to make friends. I met a lot of them on that island. This helped change our hopeless situation and turn it into success.

How to be successful in a losing position?
Read more episodes, write to me. I will surely help you.