[Record Post] S100 WTA Spielothek Lost Island adventure(Season 2)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Spielothek

Alliance: WTA

Personal Observer Goal: In this journal i talk about the WTA expirence on lost island season Two Batch 1 Group 1 in both German and English

WTA´s Journal Season 2

  1. 08/08/22 -WTA´s start into Season 2

Group 1 Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Ants of Chaos   oYo 19 BaKeDOrEo 100 7689145558
ANimal Team   ANT 48 喬ᕦJoeyᕤ伊 100 6511672328
Red Blood Cells   RBC 2 戰魂閣 Medusa 100 10351245479
Royal Guard   ROY 42 Sodamachine 100 5773082538
Wrong Turn Again   WTA 100 NIKOLA 100 14357994120
BRGY TIBAY   PH1 12 Ice 100 16638652590
Never Walk Alone   NWA 46 MAD 95 9317746689
Akatsuki   Aka 49 ガロウ 100 6784090989

08/06/22 - WTA´s start into Season 2

Yesterday our opponents/friends got revealed we got our self the spot between green (oYo) and yellow (PH1).
First thoughs was obviously what happened to the matchmakeing plenty people are mad that reducing their Combat power didn’t help them to find an esay match. So batch one looks like an easy match for PH1 or WTA but I think we meet some pretty tough teams here. Fingers crossed it’s going to be a fun season where we meet plenty new players and many new friends.