[Record Post] S100 WTA ༒Hนn͢͢͢ter༒ Lost Island adventure(Season 2)

Observer’s Information
In-Game Name: ༒Hนn͢͢͢ter༒

Alliance: WTA

Personal Observer Goal: In this journal i talk about the WTA expirence on lost island season Two Batch 1 Group 1 in both Romanian and English

WTA Journal Season 2
08/08/22 -WTA´s start into Season 2

Group 1 Information
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Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Ants of Chaos oYo 19 BaKeDOrEo 100 7689145558
ANimal Team ANT 48 喬ᕦJoeyᕤ伊 100 6511672328
Red Blood Cells RBC 2 戰魂閣 Medusa 100 10351245479
Royal Guard ROY 42 Sodamachine 100 5773082538
Wrong Turn Again WTA 100 NIKOLA 100 14357994120
BRGY TIBAY PH1 12 Ice 100

08/06/22 - WTA alliance start into Season 2

I asked several players in our group on the island what they think of the new update.
I received a lot of negative answers (those being related to the amount of clay and the tower limit)
also from the new update the alliances with 100 members in the alliance seem to suffer.
The new changes to the island event are meant to help alliances with small number of players, but also make it harder for alliances with 100 members to achieve their individual rewards .

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Josh

Alliance: God is a girl (God)

Personal Observer Goal: Progressive news on LI and some helpful information

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 00/00/00 - [Subject Name](http link)

  2. 05/16/22 - [Subject Example 2](http link)

  3. 05/19/22 - [Subject Example 3](http link)

(Ignore my table of content, too much will flood the introduction page)

Group 2 (Season 2.B1) Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Brothers and Sisters   BaS 83 Tyranus 100 7,047,029,359
CENTRE FOR ANTS   WOK 7 Anty 99 6,576,969,467
God is a girl   S16 48 BWSㄨ龍 100 6,895,402,116
Dominators   TnT 36 晚XDYEET宴 97 4,929,787,825
Into The Unknown   TYM 17 talibongx 100 6,333,994,328
Shan Ding Hei Du She   HDS 2 一颗果果Apple 99 12,425,194,597
Always Lativs Fault   ALF 49 HarleyQueen 100 5,645,191,237
No Name Needed   NNN 69 SoulX 99 6,132,000,432

New update of the map
15/08/2022 :

It seems that the new event on the island is not to everyone’s liking… due to the requirement of 30x stamina for 1x attack.

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Do you want the template for the introduction?


Yes, if you can and have time :heart:


I have pasted the template into the main page, you can edit the details in there. :slight_smile:


I apologize for the missing days.
I was away on vacation…
But I did not forget to collect the necessary information for the forum post.

It seems that some of the alliances on our island are already involved in a war for space

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For some alliances it is already a mess…on the event .

I am happy that I chose server 100 for migration
Turns out it wasn’t a bad decision at all !

There are some major issues with the new island update though…

I will come back with the collected information soon

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Soon the war will start !


Let the fun begin


how do they determine the opponent for lost island? according to strength or number of members? or what?


Matchmaking :
After the Registration Period, the system will match Alliances based on the number of members & power of Alliances.
After successful matchmaking, the function of selecting the Initial Place will be available and only R5 can select it.
After Selection Period starts, the Season Channel will be opened.


Lost Island Hints - special ants to help you

There are several special ants that might help you manage your resource costs and also speed ups for healing when stationed in your anthill.


-Crimson Healer (orange)
Skills 3 and 6 will help with resource costs (only skill 6 includes honeydew), while 2 and 4 will reduce time that troops need to heal

-Red Head (blue)
Skill 2 will reduce time that troops need to heal, skill 3 reduces resource costs

-Red Leafcutter (green)
Skill 2 reduces time that troops need to heal.
Increase resource production

-Giant Destructor (orange) Honeydew

-Yellow Spider (purple) Sand production

-Red Foot (purple) Plant

-Green Head (purple) Wet Soil
Level up skills 2,4,5 and 6.

When you’re cultivator, collect the free resources from the Resource Factory after activating all skills possible.

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Today our alliance started the fight.
We defeated 2 powerful alliances:

-Aka (server 49)
-NWA (server 46)

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ROMANIAN : Noi iam scos pe aka și NWA din ecuația insulei.

ENGLSIH : We took aka alliance and NWA alliance out of the island equation.


English :

-Good evening to all readers.
For today there is not much to say or add.
I will make a small update through these pictures:

Romanian :

-Bună seara tuturor cititorilor.
Pentru ziua de astăzi nu prea sunt multe de spus ori de adăugat.
Am sa fac un mic update prin aceste poze :


Aka Alliance and NWA lost the battle.
They’ve already started calling out to the other alliances for help… :sweat_smile:


Alianță Aka și NWA au pierdut bătălia.
Au inceput deja sa strige la celelalte alianțe după ajutor… :sweat_smile:

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Romanian :

  • insula a inceput să capete contur
  • de asemenea suntem într-un razboi total impotriva lui aka si NWA
    -nu e usor , dar ne descurcăm

English :

  • the island began to take shape
  • we are also in a total war against aka and NWA
  • it’s not easy, but we manage
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