[Record Post] S100 - WIP - Stenzalos - AND IT BEGINS (Season 2)

In-Game Name: Stenzalos

Alliance: Wet INFAmous Party (WIP)

Personal Observer Goal: Here we will see daily updates of what’s going down in our season batch!!! PLUS tips and guides to help you through!

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 06/08/22 - Group Information

Group Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Wet INFAmous Party   WIP 100 Stenzalos 78 5070715613
Return of the Storm   ROS 76 Ţůčůхɨǟ 94 4,560,304,670
Adeptes du Naturisme   ADN 64 Regnam 84 4,459,500,659
Sons of Beaches   SOB 31 DeViouS 80 5,603,209,099
antz   Fly 49 Fox Scarecrow 72 3,703,898,967
CN1   S43 43 嘿嘿嘿 62 5,996,395,144
RaGnaroK   RGK 73 Amnésiàh 71 5,182,332,187
UTOPIA   UTP 69 The SkoTrain 92 5,464,604,713

Important Note:

Clay now has a daily limit please refer to ingame advice for updates. How will this effect the new season? I cant wait to find out!



Hey all,
Let me introduce my alliance

I am Stenzalos (ingame: Frenchie) your observer for this season and also the r5 of alliance WIP.

WIP became a merger of two alliances that met in the last Lost Island event, them being WAP and INF, if you look closely at our name there is an easter egg that incorporates our past… can you find it?

The merger has created some new friendships and has leveraged strengths between both alliances to make a formidable force. This has set up high goals for the members of WIP by succeeding within this seasons lost island event.

WIP comprises of 3 major timezones EU, AU, US which enables the alliance to have broad 24/7 coverage with many dedicated members a notification away!!!

We hope to meet and chat with new players from our opposition to get to know you within this topic :slight_smile: I will also deliver you daily ladder updates and major key accomplishments over the next 45 days!!!



Day 1 on the island

It begun!!! Here are todays results on Day 1.

1 wonder already had an attempted try, I recommend for those new players on the island save your energy till you get sx11 ants. But nice try considering!!!

Alliances have been formed, Intel has been gathered bring on day 2!!!


Day 2

Today saw CN1 and SOB take thier wonder in seemless fashion pushing each up the leaderboards. WIP have built to thier wonder and have locked in a time.

Meanwhile the leaderboard is looking reliatively close with all alliances building paths towards lvl 6 residences to secure those points…

At the moment its anyones game…



Its strongly encouraged that whilst you might be enticed to target those bugs that give you your desired resource, I highly encourage you all to head hunt now for Hornets.

My little TIP for you?
Ports are free within your own zone. Hornets mass spawn on your zones borders. Port to the borders and complete your 20 Hornets in minutes… (You can only attack hornets on your side of the border)

Thank me later!!!


Day 3 on the island

Massive push by all teams! Its anyones game at the moment. Each alliance is building towards thier objectives!

How does WIP plan?
Its a marathon, not a sprint…

WIP utilises a discord bot to plan and “book” in event times. We work to assign them to allign over multiple times to ensure everyone gets a fair go…

How do you plan?


Lost island Hatch is open!!!

Minor update:
You can now get a guaranteed LI S ant on you 100, 300 and 600 hatch!!!

I highly recommend for you to claim your daily SVS 3 clams to unlock a guaranteed LI Egg.

Happy hatching!!!


Day 4 in the island!

Relatively quiet day with many alliances getting thier bearings and starting to plan thier most efficent routes. Today saw more wonders falling!!

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The long awaited raid of WIP vs our wonder had the alliance buzzing! Amazing turn out of 25 members saw the wonder fall just shy of 20 minutes!!!

Speed is key

  1. Have key members initiate rallies
  2. Everyone fills which will stream line hits
  3. Smalls wait for dura.
  4. Everyone pummel dura
  5. Ensure utilise the free port function and port to reset your marches

Gecko is live!!!
Dont forget to do your 10 daily geckos!!!

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Day 6- the wonders fall

Today saw a huge push from all alliances with wonders falling left right and center! The leaderboards are close and it will be interesting to see the allian es that were formed and strategic plans that were set.

Till tomorrow…

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Day 7- The last wonder

Today sees everyone wrapping up in claiming thier wonders, residences and lairs. Now we see what skirmishes may arise after the level 5 tunnel durability drops. Anything is possible!!!

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Mudskipper event is live!!!

Hey island friends, you may notice an event that has popped up in your events tab which involves conquering the mudskipper!!

I highly encourage you all to complete your 15 Daily rallies, will provide you healthy island buffs!

You will receive personal progress rewards…

Plus rewards and buffs for your alliance!!!

So what you waiting for! Lessgooooo

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Upcoming island achievements/milestones

Only a few days to go till we see a major reduction in troops strength for lvl 7 tunnels. What will this mean for no mans land in the south between fly and SOB? And who will make the first move?.

What will happen in the forbidden fruits?

Small rework on lost islands rewards

This will see more rewards for participating within the lost island :slight_smile:

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Day 9- Battle of the south

And so it began, with zones exhausting their available residences and zones saw some intense fighting take place.

Lets start by looking at the leaderboards:

We have been seeing slow progress by all alliances with the anticipation of lvl 7 tunnels. But this did not stop two seperate invasions.

SOB vs CN1

SOB faced a full frontal offensive by CN1 which resulted in a battle of towers which saw much wasted valuable clay

But with continued pressure by SOB and time zone differences we saw a solid push back by SOB retreating CN1 back to their ferry, will be spicy to see a retaliatory counter offensive :wink:

Meanwhile in the west RGK launches their attack on ROS. Huge initial losses saw both sides hitting tit for tat

We finally saw after a tense 12 hours of fighting RGK taking control and pushing upto ROS’s nearest residence.

With testosterone brewing it will be exciting to see what the next 24hrs brings!!!


Day 10 WAR

Today saw some heated advancement within the Lost Island with many casualties early. Poor SOB ended up fighting 2 fronts from both fly and CN1. This conflict resulted in SOB recieving a beating and losing ground along with thier wonder within no mans land.

ROS maintained thier front vs RGK but switched thier focus towards ADN. This was quickly shut down with ADN pushing them back to thier tunnel.

As a result ROS seems like they are taking an aim towards the level 7 tunnel. Will there be more fights?

UTP taking a tactical advancement towards RGK whilst RGK are occupied vs ROS.

Updated Alliance kill feed and top killers

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The Clash Zone

Hi everyone sorry about my delayed posts been a hectic past week with RL and Li. But here is a recap!

Strong leaderboard presence is showing strong contenders for this lost island event. Each clashzone has been a fierce competition with many alliances going head to head to insert each parties dominance.

North Zone

Currently the north is locked down by both WIP and ADN. Both alliances have an evident alliance and have shown might pushing back fly to thier initial zone. Coodoes to fly tho they have not backed down and keep pressing thier assault.


East zone is proving RGK and UTP have a similar alliance like the north and is seeing the likes of ROS being pushed out. Many kills have occured within this zone.


Evidently CN1 have conquered the west zone practically un contested. SOB have tried a counter on many occasions tho no success in beating back the t10s held by CN1.

Kill Updates

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