[Record Post] S-399, AWR, BboyDS, Our trip to the Lost Island (Season 1)


Hello! I’m from a 399 server, Alliance AWR. I play the role of counsellor in my alliance, and I am responsible for strategy. Our alliance consists of Ukrainians, Russians and Kazakhs. In our Season Zone, we are, frankly, not the strongest alliance, however, we are the only ones who have already defeated the Wonder in the starting zone on the third day of the game. Looking at our opponents, I am sure that we will not win by force, so I will do everything possible to win with our minds!
From the beginning of the game we faced the problem of lack of resources, but today we have established the process of attacking fortresses, so we lose much less resources to treat ants.
I will read the publications of other observers, and I hope that the experience of other alliances will allow me to avoid mistakes. May the smartest of alliances win!


Tips for enhancement

Our alliance is developing in the direction of capturing fortresses. To make the capture process faster and more efficient, our alliance is enhancementing the following buildings: Rally Centers 1,2 and 3 (which increase your March Unity I,II,III the percentage of destruction of the durability of the fortress), Special Ant Habitat, Mutation Flora and Insect Habitat (which increase your soldiers attack, defense and health during a fortress attack).
The faster we kill the defenders of the fortress, and destroy the durability - the less energy we will spend! At the moment, Our alliance ranks first in alliance strength on the map 80, according to what we have learned carry out the correct capture. I hope that my tip will help other alliances on the way to victory

Strategy of capturing the fortress

There are 12 players in our alliance who have Troop Tunnel lvl25. They get as close as possible to the fortress All other players stand behind. 12 players who are close to the fortress start to create raids. This arrangement of players in space helps to speed up the attack process, since all of the troops start the attack from a minimum distance. On the way back, the troops are accelerated, and everything repeats until the defenders of the fortress are destroyed. After that, raids stop being created, and all players send all their units to the fortress in order to destroy durability faster. Using this tactic, 30 people can capture “Residence Lv 7” in just 25 minutes
Happy conquest!


Our tactic to occupy the Tunnel lvl5:

Tomorrow at 00 UTC Level 5 Tunnels will be weakened, and for us it means that it’s time to face the enemy alliance in battle! :smiling_imp:

Unfortunately, our enemy has the advantage in time, and while we sleep, the Tunnel may already be occupied. In this case, when this fortress loses its defense, we will launch a counterattack. Then our tactics will repeat the strategy of capturing the Wonder.

If we fight for the tunnel at the same time, my alliance’s tactics will be more cunning. The tunnel will belong to the alliance that will deliver the final blow. In this case, we will not waste our resources and kill our ants! We will start attacking the tunnel only when the enemy alliance defeats all the defenders of the fortress.

Our task will be to deliver the final blow to the building, so we will send troops at intervals of 3-5 seconds, which will increase our chance to capture the fortress. Having captured the tunnel, we will have to immediately destroy the opponent’s Towers so that they do not strike back when we sleep.

Tomorrow I will definitely tell you if we managed to win this fight. I wish all alliances victory tomorrow!


Hi guys!
Today was a very eventful game day, and now I will tell you what success we have achieved.

As I suggested in my previous post, the rival alliance (hereinafter I will call it MSG) attacked the lvl5 tunnel at the moment when we were sleeping. When I woke up, my colleagues were already trying to take control of the tunnel,
but that was a mistake, as there were too few people. Thus we suffered our first defeat on Lost Island.

We decided to carry out an attack on the MSG tunnel in the evening, when the maximum number of players had already finished their working day. But in the middle of the day, on the other side of the map, our tunnel was attacked by an ally alliance (hereinafter I will call it 387), which we, of course, did not expect at all! The eyes of our alliance players glowed red. In the evening, we captured the MSG tunnel with a huge advantage in numbers, and the players were ready to repeat this feat with the 387 alliance.

Fortunately, before we completely broke the alliance with 387, we were contacted by the leader of their alliance, and asked for forgiveness for the act of his players. Having no desire to have two enemies in one day, we agreed to compensation for damage from 387.

The MSG alliance remained our main enemy. The mechanics of the game at this point in the Lost Island event surprises me, and I still don’t know how we will proceed further in order to suppress the enemy.

I will be very happy to read the stories of other alliances, and their battle strategy! Congratulations to everyone on the opening of the SXI troops, and I wish you successful battles!)


Hi wave
I apologize for not writing my posts for a few days, but during this time a lot of interesting things happened in the game, which I will tell you now :wink:

Since the opening of the tunnels on the map, my alliance is in a state of constant war with its neighbor. We have many advantages: we are more, we have a strategy, we are familiar with the mechanics of the game, and our players are just stronger :slight_smile:

But we have a problem that played a crucial role in our war - our alliance will not donate (

For several days in a row, coming home from work every evening, our alliance gathered together and marched through enemy territory. Once we sat in the game from 20 to 3 o’clock at night, so I’m proud of my alliance. But when we captured the enemy’s “The Residance”, their patience ran out … The next evening, when we planned to move on, they were ready to take revenge :smiling_imp:
They had 2 o’clock at night, but that didn’t stop them - for one hour they simply destroyed our troops, and the number of their teleports seemed endless. When we no longer had the resources to treat, we were forced to retreat to our territory. But they did not stop at this victory. The next hour they tried to take away our tunnel! Of course, we could not allow them to gain access to our territory, so we defended our tunnel with all our might, and we succeeded.
Unfortunately, this defeat did not stop our enemy either, they planned to go to the end that day!
So they made a second attempt to take the tunnel away from us, and this time we just didn’t have the stamina to resist the enemy.
For 3 hours, our enemy magically did not run out of stamina, although they were twice less than us :face_with_monocle: … So they managed to get revenge. We lost the battle, but not the war! :kissing:
All the most interesting things are still ahead, and I hope that those who read this message are doing much better on the island :laughing:
Thank you for your attention, see you in future posts!)


Good afternoon :slightly_smiling_face:
The period of rehabilitation from the last defeat has passed, and my alliance is back in the ranks. I recently learned that the strongest alliances on the map have already sealed our fate, and plan to remain exclusively in each other’s company in 20 days! Of course, this decision does not suit me and my alliance, and we deserve a worthy fight!

At this point in our game, I decided it was time for us to define our goals. We don’t have enough strength to occupy a Tree of Abundance before the rest of the alliances, but good rewards are also given for capturing three Wonders. From today, our main goal is to occupy three cities on the map,
and only after completing this task we will think about how to move into the following areas!

Right now, my alliance has taken the second zone, ahead of our two neighbors, and if we occupy the wonder in the near future, we will have a big advantage over the MSG, which I talked about in a previous post)

We also want to organise a system of groups of players in the alliance in order to improve communication with low ranks, as well as increase the attendance of alliance events, such as attacking an enemy or capturing a fortress.

Players visiting the game daily will be divided into a certain number of groups,
each of which will have a representative in the person of R4. Thus, communication with each player will be carried out not by one person who makes mailings in the mail of the alliance, but by ten.

I will continue to keep you updated on my map as more content becomes available! Good luck)


Good afternoon! Today’s post will be a bit of a non-standard format, but I was told that I can write it)
Having agreed this issue with our entire alliance, we want to turn to the game developers with a proposal to optimize the Lost Island game mode!

In the “District Dispute” mode, which takes place every two weeks, there is a system that compensates for the expenditure of resources for the treatment of soldier ants for each player at the end of the game day.
I know that many alliances offer to heal soldier ants by paying for it with mushrooms, like in the Alliance Expedition mode, but we think that in this case it will be much easier to fight, which makes the game less fun!
Therefore, it would be more logical to use the compensation system at the end of each game day (perhaps a week).

Thank you for your attention;)


A couple more days have passed on the island, but a lot has changed since my last post

Over this weekend, my alliance completely suppressed the enemy in the face of MSG. We pushed them from our territory, took away the fortresses, and left the enemy without resources. Unfortunately, we did not feel in a winning position for long. We spent a lot of resources on the war with MSG, and the very next day, two other alliances came to the battlefield. Now our situation leaves much to be desired, and no one knows what will happen next.
I only rely on the fact that tomorrow, with the update, all the resources spent on buildings in the anthill will return to us. Then a real war will begin among the four alliances :smiling_imp:



Below I present to your attention a diagram that shows the speed of the campaign of your troops from different points, relative to Lair lvl5+ / Residence or Wonder


How to block the tunnel if the enemy alliance is stronger than you?

Explanation: There must be a distance of one square between your alliance towers and the tunnel. The tower and the tunnel must never come into contact! In place of the green squares indicated on the diagram, there should be four anthills, which are always under the shield.

The same can be repeated with the ferry.

How it works: In order for an enemy alliance to attack your towers, it needs contact. Following my instructions, there will be no contact, and the enemy will not be able to put up a new tower, since there is an anthill under the shield in the free space. It won’t work unless the anthill is covered with a shield, be vigilant
Good Luck:)


Hi all!
The theme for today and the next three days will be Lost Island Special Ants. Today I want to talk about which of the three shooter ants IN MY OPINION is the best, and also tell you how best to use the special ant you have dropped!
(Remember, all of the following statements are subjective!)

Wise Berserker:
I recommend using this ant in the third squad of your unit. Under his command, there must be only shooters, otherwise the ant will watch the battle from the side;)
Perhaps I would classify this ant as the weakest among the three shooting ants of the lost island.
I don’t recommend using it until you unlock ant skill 6. If Wise Berserker is on the third squad, I suggest using the Gigant Tooth on the first squad with the guardian ants, and the Slim Arched on the second squad with the shooter ants.
(Alternative: Bullet Ant - Gold Armor - Reap Master - Jack Jumper)


This ant should be used in the front squad with shooter ants.

I believe that this ant takes an honorable second place among the three new shooter generals in the game! This ant is strong enough to use EVEN without skill 6! Being in the front squad, he increases the health of his troops, buffs the ally squad,
debuffs the enemy, and after the third round of the fight he heals his soldiers, so I think that he is one of the best ants for the first row in the game!

In the second row I recommend using Gigant Tooth / Slim Archer with arrow ants, in the third row - Reap Master / Jack Jumper

And the first place is occupied, in my opinion, by the most incredible ant shooter -
Nimble Tree Ant!

This is a general who should also be used in the first (in extreme cases, second) squad with shooter soldiers. His skills themselves are unique, so there is no doubt that he can be used without unlocking the 6th skill. I also frankly envy all the lucky ones who were able to hatch it!
In the second row I recommend using Gigant Tooth / Slim Archer with arrow ants, in the third row - Reap Master / Jack Jumper

I am at any time ready for a discussion on the topic of these three ants, if someone does not agree with my statements! :wink:


Today I’m going to take a look at each Seasonal Guard Ant separately!
A total of 3 Special Guard Ants have been added to the game, so I will do the same as last time - I will make my subjective TOP3!

The third place in my rating is occupied by the ant Shield Warden:
According to its specialization, only guard ants can be in a squad with this ant. This is a great ant, but why am I putting him in 3rd place in the ranking?
I believe that this ant will show itself better only when defending itself from an attack, because almost all of its skills are focused on the health and treatment of soldier ants. His turn will live long therefore, I would prefer to place it in the first or second squad.
I advise you to use this ant in your squad only after the opening of the 6th skill.

Special Ants Giant Tooth\Slim arched and Jack Jumper\Reap Master\Mimicry Master can also be used in unit with him

Among the two remaining ants, it is difficult to choose the strongest, but I chose.
The second place in my ranking is occupied by the Leaf Devourer ant:

According to its specialization, only guard ants can be in a squad with this ant. An excellent ant that I think is worth using with an unlocked 6th skill and in the last line of your squad.
I can’t tell much about him, since the work of this ant is worth testing, but I don’t have it.

Also, this ant should be used in the guard squad, so the choice of which combination of Special Ants to use with it, I will leave to those who have more experience in playing guard ants.