[Record Post] S-324 History of alliance Ai0 in English(Season1)

Hi everyone, I’m MoonClover, R4 of the alliance Ai0, we came from server 324 (good server if you want to migrate, wink wink :nerd_face:), earlier I started on server 299.

We´re a Hispanic alliance though we count with members from all around the world and we considered as a little great family.

With the arrive of the Lost Island: Race of Champions we took basic preparation measures as the mentioned by Mante (MOD mate and ally in the island).

We gathered resources from all types, we rise in power and new players joined to be the highest number in active members, we took the strategy of expanding on the map quickly to then focus on conquering the strong structures once everyone is stronger.

You can also read this post in Spanish here: click me


Currently, a few days after the start of the event, I’ve found some points to do better:

The rewards at the end of the event doesn´t justified get into the island as the developing seems to stop for the players that have an aggressive mode of play as they can’t attack other anthills for the first days to get resources, and this discourages some of them.

Some structures are too strong, in case an alliance arrives with members with less than level 22 anthills they will have a hard time taking some structures even with the SX or SXl season ants.

Positive points:

The new special ants are dope

Buying exotic shell in the season store is incredible (though is just 1 per week)

Such a radical change in the type of game, at least in my case, seems fantastic to me.

Update from the strategy of my alliance:
We accord to expand us to targets of level 5 or less quickly, so we can take territorial advantage in our start zone, making it easy to take the (Starfish) Wonder in a near future, I think is a good strategy for those alliances with few active members or few strong members as it gives them the chance to get enough season ants and once they grow in power, easily take targets level 6 (red circle) or higher, in our case it seems to work as we don’t count with hostile alliances, to the south we count with a Latin alliance that looks to be nice and on the north is a Japanese one, that couldn’t or didn’t want to take the bridge (green circle)


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Tip for beginners with small alliances or inactive members:
If you don´t complete the weekly quests of “Alliance Help” take advantage of the Healing Pool, ask a friend or use a farm to heal wounded soldier ants, a small number of them, the enough ones to give time to click the button of help alliance, repeat this until you’ve complete the mission.

Day 6-7 update on the island:

My alliance started to take objectives of level 6, after almost a week in the island all the members count with SX soldier ants already, so we can easily take these structures. We count with a plan in developing phase to take the Wonder of our zone in an efficient way, fighting against objectives 5, 6 y 7 it helps us to improve details.

We had a special event of hornets for 2 days that made it easier for us to obtain special eggs from the island, fortunately I got 6 extra eggs so I inched closer to getting some new ant :star_struck:


As extra fact I share a chart (very known among the active members of the game) of special ants classification (it doesn’t contemplated the special ants of the island) in this case archers, although the first line works well with any type of troop:


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Day 7-8 of the island:
Everything is going well in terms of development, the active members are the 90% daily, they fulfill salary missions and they are participating in attacks, the cooperation of all the alliances leads us to obtain the rewards of the milestones with ease (until now) at today’s restart the difficulty of tunnels 5 and 6 will drop so it is likely that the fighting will begin between alliances.
As an upgrade point I feel like it would be important to balance the damage needed for level 18 hornets as some low level members have a hard time hunting them.


Tips of the island: attacking from the green zone is quicker than from the red zone, it’s good to know this to not loose time.
(I clarify that this must be known by many already)

Day 9 in the island:
We received the first invasion from the north side, Japanese alliance, we could defend us from the attack without much problem since only one member (until now) is really strong for now we will take the offensive.

Out of that, I still don’t fully understand the purpose of the percentage increase in wild creatures depending on the distance from your anthill, in most of the cases will affect a little, but… if you go a few hundred feet away you start to see crazy things like a Gecko 35 like the one in the picture, that, most of the times results impossible to eliminated, plus the question arises: Who would go that far to kill a Gecko that gives you the same rewards as a nearby one?


Day 10 in “the island of terror”

For some reason that I don´t know they took the decision aware (or bug) of making that the rallies delay 5 minutes to leave even if they´re full, this makes it very difficult to take points of interest, I’m sure that the small or weak alliances won´t be able to take not even level 5 targets if this keeps going like that.

On the other hand, we entered into a small dispute over territory with the Japanese alliance to the north of our habitat, they have some strong members but nothing to fear for the moment (they’re going to shatter my head off). We took the offensive against them to make shorter the gap of powers, meanwhile our Spanish-speaking colleagues are expanding in the south, so everything is going moderately well.

Some members of my server say that was a mistake to come to the island, the lost of resources affect them too much even to the big alliances, curiously we’re getting better if you compare :crazy_face:, I’ll keep reporting.

Strategy to keep rivals’ alliances out of the zone or prevent their advance to level 7 targets or above:

Consists in using anthills and teleport to the zone indicated in the image, with that we guarantee that they can’t attack in a close position so we slow down on a large scale each attack, on strong targets it’s incredibly useful because due to the number of troops; won’t be enough time to conquer them in the most of the cases.

I have the suspicion that would be really effective to defend the wonderlands or the tree itself.

Day 11:
The strategy to keep the invaders on the line have proved its effectiveness for the moment; in other news, the luck with the tertiary eggs are over the ground, a bad week for incubation with no doubt.
The Japanese invader alliance “Zoo” seems to take very personal not winning against us in an attack and they keep attacking with the hope of breaking down our defenses, until now their succeed is null.

Day 12:
The Japanese rivals “Zoo” are getting worst each time, now they´re suffering an invasion from the other side, we could take advantage of this to try on reduce them and rob them constructions :face_in_clouds:,
we’ll decide the following route tomorrow.