[Record Post] Lost Island - SI1035, s829, LND - ViPer

A New Adventure Awaits

Hello everyone,

I’m ViPer and known in game as Darth Viper. I’m the Diplomat for the LND alliance on server 829. My alliance consists of people from all over the world with the majority being Arabic. We have 100 members in the alliance and all 100 are active daily. This is our third island and we are hoping it’s our best one yet. Without further ado lets get started on this island adventure! :smiley:

Here we are again about to embark on another island adventure. We have been on our home server 829 for 3 weeks now. The break from the island has been nice as it gave myself and my fellow alliance members the chance to unwind and restock our inventory with resources. During CSC we had players from various servers join us and also facilitated an entire alliance migrating to 829.

I'm looking forward to the next island. I'm more prepared with resources and have developed my stats more during this break. Also our alliance has gotten even stronger this island so we should be competitive and have an enjoyable time. Currently, we are in the matchmaking phase with only a couple days left before we see who we'll share our island with. Hopefully the matchmaking is fair this time around, fingers crossed!

Your alliance is great, I wish you success :100:

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ما هي قواعد الخادم و هل هناك قراصنة موارد هناك

Thank you my friend :smiley:

Ready, Set, Go!

The long anticipated selection phase has started. Time to see who we will share this island with. Hopefully, we will make new friends and have an enjoyable time on the island.

It appears this is another island with only 6 alliances on it like my previous island. That's unfortunate but we'll make the best of it. We selected the Brown zone as our initial place. The 2 vacant zone are purple and orange. Pink appears to have the best chance to capitalize on an easy island with alot of forts available for them to take. Only time will tell if that happens.
This island we have one 600 server and the other four alliances are from the 700 server. We are the only alliance from the 800 server. Yellow is the alliance with the most power while our neighbor, Green, appears similar to us in strength. Our other neighbor Blue is the 600 server. They have the lowest alliance power but based on historic data from my previous island that does not mean they are weak by any means.
Season chat is more active this island than my previous island. Appears we have a health mix of Asian, Russian, Arabic, and English players on this island. So far the chatting appears to be light hearted. Some of the 700 servers know each other. Not sure if that is an advantage or disadvantage for us.

Now that we know what we are up against this island lets see how things shake out. Please stay tuned. This island has the possibility to be very interesting given our initial location.

Humble Beginnings

The break is over and time to get to work. Today we have entered our island and began the competition period. Everyone immediately set out to capture soldier ant colonies and building towers. With enhanced T9's the highest level colonies I was able to capture was level 6. Today was also SvS build day so everyone invested their time and speedups into enhancing their buildings as well. That is one of the nice things about the island, you can save resources and enhance buildings for SvS points.

During the day we made good progress. We have built towers to the wonder. We also captured a lair and a residence. We made good progress despite some members pregathering for tomorrows SvS day.

The other 5 alliances on the island have also progressed nicely, however, Pink has taken an early lead by capturing their home zone wonder. I'm honestly surprised at how quick they made it there.

At the conclusion of the first day we are in fifth place. Pink is in first and Green is in last. Take that with a grain of salt though. The island is still young and I'm sure there will be a lot of changes in alliance influence ranking throughout this adventure.

Good job my friend :smiley:

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I wish your alliance luck Viper.

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Thanks my friend :slight_smile:

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Frist Week In The Books

So it's been a week now since my island adventure started. We are progressing okay for being in the brown zone. This has become my least favorite zone now after being in it for 2 islands. My progress on the island is going well. I'm 37 in honor rank and have 69 soldier ant colonies. I'm always enhancing buildings so that number will continue to climb. I'm now able to capture level 8 colonies with only 1 line of T11's and the rest T10's.

Within the first week we have the mudskippers to deal with again. The stamina they consume make life difficult as I have to be selective with what I use my stamina on during those day. However, the new update to them where there is a rest day is nice. It provides the alliance time to use stamina on capturing forts.

My alliance has captured many forts already and has built towers to the board of blue zone. We did this to capture that tunnel to allow us to hunt hornets on both sides of the mountain. Even though we are progressing nicely the other alliances are moving very fast and have surprised us in alliance influence by quite a bit. I'm hoping once the clash zone opens we can close that gaps but we are the only alliance that has 2 neighbors with no free zone to conquer. So I'm not sure if we will be able to get to 4th place before the Everything or Nothing milestone is achieved. In 2 days the tunnels to our neighbors become available and in 4 days the tunnels to the clash zone become available. I have the feeling we will have a very interesting clash zone though. Stay tuned to find out!

And So It Begins

Week two on the island has come to an end. With it we have completed the mudskipper event (thank goodness) and began our journey to the tree. The tunnels to our neighbors and the clash zone have opened. Within the first hour we captured the tunnel to the clash zone and began building towers. Green barely beat us into the clash zone. Their route was predictable as everyone who plays Green goes directly to the wonder first. Our route was focused on the forts closest to our entry point.

As far as the other clash zone are concerned Yellow and Pink hold each of their clash zones to themselves. While Teal remains only in their home zone and in the empty orange zone. Green, Yellow, and Pink occupy all clash zone wonders. Both Pink and Yellow occupy 3 total wonders. As of today, Pink built their first tower in the empty orange zone but it is not touching Teals tower so no fighting has broken out between them.
Our first battle on the island also happened today. In a joint attack with Green we have started to push Blue out of the clash zone. Green is pressing their attack from the south while we focus on the northern forts and towers. The fighting for us lasted 2 hours as we captured a fort and destroyed one of their towers. After reset the assault will continue due to running out of clay for the day.
***Unfortunately, due to real life distractions I forgot to take pictures of my battle today. Instead I will share pictures a fellow islander took that show Green and Blues fighting.***
My personal progress on this island is doing good given the competition on the island and not investing any cash into island specific packs. I now have 130 soldier ant colonies that are a mix of level 8 & level 9 shooters and guardians. I'm currently 43rd in the honor ranking. My alliance has climbed from last place to 6 place. Maybe we will reach 5th place before the tunnels to the tree open but due to a lack of additional wonders to take we will likely not overcome the top 4 alliances in influence.
By the end of next week I anticipate all of the clash zone to be split between Green and my alliance. While Blue is contained in their home zone. I also expect Yellow and Pink to still be the only ones in their respective clash zones while Teal is left out. As with all islands the future is never written and anything can still happen. Stay tuned for more!

Overcoming Obstacles

There is only 1 word that fits summarizing this week and that word is INTENSE! After last weeks attack on Blue the clash zone was eirly quiet for the first half of the week. Looking back now that was the calm before the storm. On Wednesday chaos began in the clash zone as we continued our attack on Blues towers and forts. The fighting was constant from Wednesday through Saturday morning. Though Blue battled us every step of the way the most intense fighting happened Saturday morning. That battle lasted 5 hours and was mostly at the southern tunnel from Blues zone to the clash zone. There were small skirmishes at the last remaining tower Blue had in the clash zone and at a tunnel between Brown and Blues zones. My alliance and Blue were exchanging ownership of the tunnel. When Blue occupied the tunnel we defended our towers closest to the tunnel. Simultaneously, we built additional towers there too to stretch Blues forces and assist us defending our access to the tunnel. There were towers we lost and in the final hour of the battle Blue reduced our defenses down to 1 final tower. At this point in the battle most the participates on both sides were down to using T9 soldier ants. Occasionally, there were marches with T10's and T11's. We defended that tower with constant rally attacks and Blue pressed their attack with rallies as well. The got that tower down to 5% at one point but we managed to remove them all and keep it constantly defended until the protection time on the tunnel was lifted. At that moment our forces were split but so was Blues. Our rally leaders focused on the tunnel while the members closest to the tower (myself included) focused on the tower. Blue was defending the tunnel as well as attacking our tower. Finally after we again occupied that tunnel Blue moved away from the tunnel. We took that opportunity to build additional towers at that tunnel while other members moved to the final tower Blue had in the clash zone. There was a small bit of fighting there but Green showed up and assisted us in driving Blue out of their tower and destroying it. Below you will see multiple screenshots of the various battles that took place over the past 3 days between us and Blue.
Following all the fighting that took place the past 3 days Sunday was a big day for us and for our future on this island. 50 minutes before reset we moved from 5th in alliance influence to 4th place. A feat I didn't think was possible given our initial place selection. After reset some more good news came. Our adversary the past week has decided to quit the season. This now means we will no longer have to worry about fighting them. Additionally, we will now have a second wonder available to us in the Blue zone. On Friday, the Teal alliance also elected to quit the season. So now our 6 alliance island has now been reduced to 4. The 4 remaining alliance I do not expect to quit the season.

Weekly update on my individual progress. I now have 162 soldier ant colonies all of which consist of level 8 & 9 guardians and shooters. I'm also ranked 67th in honor and 30th in Anthill kill rankings. Following our battle with Blue our alliance is in 2nd place for Alliance Kill ranking. Our adversary Blue is ranked in 1st place.
Next week the tunnels to the tree zone will open and we will get to share that zone with all the remaining alliances on the island.

Well done, progress in the brown zone is really difficult. Especially since you have completely blocked the front of the blue area. :muscle:
My friend, when I counted that you used the charger :low_battery: 4 times in two days, I was worried about your mobile phone. :rofl:

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