[Record Post] Lost Island - s812, HiT - Final Battle


Next, I will post the text of the story for friends who need a quick translation - Part 1

The final battle is taking place. We already managed to occupy the tree of abundance once on the first day.
It had delicious fruits and it felt good that we were able to win with our small group.
In the first battle, it was mathematical calculations that increased our chances of victory. Calculating the average damage caused to the tree in each time period and the possibility of sending forces by the other party and calculating the time they will reach the tree. This was what our commander did well.
But in the final battle, everything was different. In the previous battle, everyone around the tree agreed to take turns occupying it for a few days. But in the final battle, whoever occupied the tree was finished.
Our allies played like true warriors and remained united till the last moment…
Although both of them were strong enough to take our team out of the final battle and increase their chances of winning.
But they remained united until the last moment and I thank them for their honesty.
The last day the tree was occupied by the Yellow Alliance. They had allied with the purple alliance, but when the green alliance attacked the purple alliance positions in the area around the tree and destroyed them, I was surprised to see that the yellow alliance also attacked the purple alliance positions at several points at the same time, and the green alliance also It destroyed their positions in the area around the tree.
Now only 4 alliances were to prepare for the final battle.
I was anxiously watching what was happening. If someone attacked us, most of our forces would be asleep. Let me drink some water, maybe my anxiety will decrease.
One cup, two cups, even three cups will not work.
Wow, what have I done to myself? I’ve become an anxious person with a bloated stomach.
We decided to attack the tree an hour before the end of the ceremony.
It was the best time for us.
If we succeed, we have to fight for at least half an hour and if we can occupy the tree.
The defensive shield of the tree is activated for a quarter and we needed to defend it.
It was a good time for most of our alliance except me who had to wake up at 2am.
Maybe blue or green has the right to win this battle. They fought bravely.
But I wanted to end the 45 days of waiting with victory.
I set my alarm for the strike, and went to bed.
It rained a little tonight and the weather was very nice. I started getting ready for bed. Tomorrow coincides with the SVS-SSA event.
So I am dreaming, tomorrow my three orange ant eggs will definitely turn into GC and my two orange ant eggs will turn into LD. Well, let’s hope I have two WB orange ant eggs.
The remaining 29 orange ant eggs do not matter which orange ant hatches from them. I leave this to chance, but it must be a special ant.
I was thinking about it when my watch rang and the message was to wake up, enough sleep. The battle has begun.
Rubbing my eyes, I quickly tried to start the game.
Ah, what is this green spinning circle?
Let me change my DNS.
Well, that didn’t work either.
I think tonight the ISP experts bribed the Green Alliance to prevent me from participating in the battle.
This is where Google’s cloud service came to my aid.
The outline server was turned on and the connection was established.
Now I am here and ready for a heroic fight.

Part 2

The Blue Alliance attacked the tree two hours before the end of the event, and the Yellow Alliance protected the tree. It was a tough battle and we were ready to begin.
But now was not the time for our war.
Although the occupation of the tree by the Blue Alliance made it difficult for us. They are strong and may be able to protect the tree for an hour.
Blue occupied the tree and the tree’s defensive shield was activated.
Now the blue alliance has started attacking the yellow alliance towers, which makes our job easier. The blue and yellow alliances have lost a lot of stamina.
The tree’s defensive shield has run out.
Only 35 minutes left.
The green alliance and our alliance attacked the tree at the same time.
The Yellow Alliance also started to attack. Imam does not have enough patience.
At that moment, I felt that the Blues were not defending well. Maybe he doesn’t have enough endurance or the calculations showed him that we can’t break the resistance of the tree in 35 minutes.
I don’t know, but whatever it was, we and the Green Alliance attacked with all our might.
90%…80%…40% stayed in another.
I imagined my leader with pen and paper and messy hair, constantly taking notes on the amount of damage, the resistance of the tree’s forces, and the forces that the Blue Alliance sends to defend the tree.
Now my view of him is as if one wants to calculate the equivalent of level 4 in probabilities.
Wait, my situation is not less than his. With a slight difference, I forgot many mathematical formulas but I try to work with the four main operations. Well, 2 + 2 equals 4, yes, that’s right.
I want Chat-GPT to be sure. Yes, he also says it is true.
I will review the numerical analysis book again tomorrow.
Now I understand what is the use of mathematics in life.
16% remains until the end of the tree’s resistance. Now Tony and HF are leading the Rally 8 at the same time. This attack is decisive.
2 minutes and 53 seconds to reach the tree.
Everyone was silent and their eyes were on the end of the tree resistance diagram.
The green alliance started its rally a little late, but there are many solo attacks from the yellow and green alliance to the tree.
Six of our rallies hit the tree…just one percent…and this is our seventh.
The tree now belongs to us. The work is done. We occupied the tree.
And only 5 minutes are left until the end of the ceremony.
Our victory is certain.
In this round, all the alliances were good, but the blue and green alliances were the best.
I made new friends and experienced happy moments and of course received good prizes.
I got to know more about the beautiful and rich cultures of Japan and Türkiye. And I improved my English language skills.
These were my real achievements. I like this game because of its interactive level.
Not only do I enjoy it, but I try to learn life lessons and loyalty while dealing with the new people I meet.
Hoping for a day when all people on earth enjoy being together and there is no war in reality.
No one should impose his thoughts on them and abuse human resources.
Hoping for friendship and peace for all the people of this planet. And transfer all wars and politics to the world of games.

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Zero, I enjoy reading the stories you post my friend. You do an excellent job! I look forward to reading about your next adventure! :smiley: