[Record Post] LI | S1, B:42, S74 Antify

We currently have 8 alliences, based on the power ranks, the most optimistic alliance is MIR, but things always change, isnt it? What the legend will be for this batch, you? me? or others? I cannot help recording what i found and experiences, ,let’s follow the clue to find something interesting.

The 7th Day

Occupying Tunnel Lvl 6 Experience and Observation

We decided yesterday (05/09/22) to occupy the said tunnel. We defeated like 30 mins attacking station troops and durabilities. This was a time consuming cause of the space around it. We are 27 players including those farms preparing all stamina for durabilty while we are main anthills invading for the station troops there. We took all the troops in 7 mins but we consume 23 mins for the durability. It was hard cause of the marching time. The said tunnel keep regenerating and troops are far cause we cannot use marching speedups so, we decided to go all out till we did occupy on the said tunnel level. So far the time that we expect like 20 mins is not enough. So to occupy the said tunnel even your lowest troops you need to do all out and more players should be in there. The station troops was not hard as rock but the durability was time consuming. This is my observation for today. Until next time observation. See yah

Day 9 (Alliance)

So here are our plans today, we decided to take all ferries(Fortress) today for an additional buff since we dont have any liars left in our alliance map though we already occupy some tunnels but we need to do the ferries first for the buffs and increasing resources pile nodes. Were just hunting wild creatures, rallying geckos and enhancing some buildings. We just ease our minds this days as we need to collect resources due to fortresses invasions in the past few days, all resources we have has been drained for healings our troops however we also doing some Action Colonies Event for more hatching speedups collected for fridays Event. We don’t know what will happen in the coming days so we prepared for it so this is our alliance Day 9.

Set-Up Units To Invade Level 7 Nodes.

So here’s what i observe and set up on my troops to invade level 7 nodes. As you can see I am an average player like others out there, waiting for the T11 troops to collect more. Since I cant wait to have a level 7 nodes cause most of my teammates have it already, so i tried to set up my Pro Unit on row 1 as XS(T10) troops, row 2 and 3 SXI(T11) cause my SXI is only 219K(Shooter) with a rove level 10, i tried cause i am obsessed :sweat_smile:, not knowing I did for the first time with my troops set up and heal a little injuries then more Level 7 nodes invasion. So to those like me as an average player you can try what my set up is. If you are willing to try then try it on. Anyway I am a shooter user so my set up is shooter and collecting troops is hard for me and most of my nodes is 5 so i try 7 earlier.
See yah again guys :kissing_heart:

Testing testing @Lira

Hello, present to test!