[Record Post] First look Lost island by Warlord Brokeboy s74(Season2)

Hello everyone my name is Brokeboy from s74. I will be your tour of the Lost island adventure. I plan to post every few days when the challenges change and something new is implemented, please look out for it.

As you can see I’m only a few moments away from entering the island please subscribe or stick around to learn more about island before you get your turn at the fun.

That’s it from me for now please stay tuned

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No time to talk

I’d like to personally say that I am enjoying the new season of lost island, even though the fighting or tunnels haven’t been opening yet I can firmly* give the devs a round of applause. The new stamina for the towers, the new alliance resource points, heck even the new daily clay limit to me are all a good welcome; these changes add new flare to the once endless tower buildings and lack of good strategy season 1 lost island. Now r4s and r5 have to really be more careful about what buildings ( lairs, residence,etc) they go after each day and calculate if they will have enough clay to be able to reach it before the end of the day to gain buffs. This will more island so much more competitive and fun, especially since when you build towers into enemy alliance spaces you have to make sure you have these buffs so your troops can defend more and deplete enemies stamina before they can kick you out.

But of course I still have some concerns and bad critiques about new island apart from some few tweaks island still has the same problem not enough rewards or beneficial reason to play, the season store is still a bit expensive :see_no_evil:, the capture rewards are meh. The one time rewards are also still not that great, they help but not enough for the amount of effort and planning it takes; I still think devs can offer us more rewards to this Wonderful event.

The new season is still new and fresh we have some more time before s2-500 will start there round.

I’ll keep you guys updated on any new changes


Yes, certainly the island is much easier now and more relaxing. With the limitation of clay, long fights between alliances are not possible as compared to beta season. Indeed the season store should reduce their price slightly!


Can not wait see it with my own eyes :star_struck:

In one of your posts, could you show readers what the Seasonal Store looks like at the moment, and what it sells :innocent::pray:

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It is exactly the same as the beta season actually.

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Оh, Thanks a lot! :innocent::innocent:

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Sorry for the delayed update but I had to spend more time with Lost Island season 2 and I’d just wanna say that I’m having mixed feelings after me and my alliance first encounter with battle.

Firstly I love/hate that we have to gather t11 troops because gathering to me is boring but I like that no one player can have full marches and have to be careful with there soldier placement, I really like the devs adding in the new aspect of strategy somewhat

Secondly the tunnels are jokes and actually wonders,lairs are like cleared within minutes even before t11 have been opened, so you have to be the online whenever your r4s decide to start battle. Yes it does make it easier to get the well deserved buffs but kinda boring at the same time.

Thirdly I love/hate the recovery speed of enemy/your tunnel. The recovery speed is crazy fast, I don’t have the specific number it was recovering durability like there was no tomorrow, from 30% -40% in like 2 minutes (just an estimate) This is good for when you are defending in some way, but terrible when you are attacking; again some people will love it some will hate I’m still indecisive.

Final point this is related to earlier because of some much changes from it now requiring stamina for us to heal our season ants, to the tunnels being weaker it still goes back to who has the better troops,buff,special ants and formation. You only get a 30 minute sheild after first occupy so even if the troop bonus has gone back into effect it takes like 2 minutes to get rid of them so for defenders it’s going to be rough you’ll have to rush tunnel and rush into opponents base under 30 minutes

That’s it for now stay tuned

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I’d like to just say that lost island is still fun and full of lots of rewards and is a great edition to the game, however that’s where it ends as I’m starting to see so many flaws in which the island is losing points and players.

Firstly the new zone buffs are just horrible, extra 200 ark and defense and extra 100 HP is just crazy, how is any alliance supposed to be able to conquer a next alliances wonders and towers when they simple get out stat. I understand that this is to help with defense but it is not a great edition because of just how much the buff is, I believe this should be a time gate thing that r4 and r5 members can activate to give to there members for 4 hours tops, no more.

Secondly the devs tried to help with the rss issue by adding a new rss to heal season troops, but let me tell you it runs out quickly super quick, I think I may have used maybe 150 stamina so 30 attacks and that was it, for us to be fighting for 45 days this is just unacceptable, I saw that they added packs but that is simple unfair and just not enough. Let us be able to farm these new healing resource or buy from alliance/ season store.

please lower cost of items in season store or give us more points to spend.
Remove normal special ants from season hatch
Stop being so uptight with the rewards more is better and gives everyone the chance to catch up with spenders and compete more fairly
Need exclusive season insect pleaseeeeee
Need season exclusive march skinnnnnn!!!


Yes, you guys need to get this together, f2p players are being seriously neglected.