[Record Post] Barren Land | S470 RoP - Rise of the Phoenix


Welcome back everyone! Jenn from s470’s RoP - Rise of the Phoenix here to update you all on our next journey. After careful discussions with our members on whether they want to visit the Lost Island, the Barren Land or the Vast Jungle, we’ve decided to spend our next vacay on the Barren Land.

We’ve registered successfully for Race of Champions - The Barren Land. Everyone here at RoP is super excited! This will be our 6th Barren Land visit as a family.

Welcoming New Players

From Opponents to Friends

We first encountered the Dragons during one of our Lost Island events. At that time, we were rivals and engaged in intense battles that lasted for hours. Fate intervened once again when we found ourselves matched with them during one of our Barren Land events. This time, we fought side by side in the same camp, and our bond grew stronger. We extended an open invitation to the Dragons, welcoming them to join our clan at any time.

Finally, this season, they made the decision to become part of our family and we all are one big happy clan here at s470.

Barren Preparation

Everyone is stocking up on resources, diamonds, teleports, and speedups to prepare for our journey to the Barren Land.

During the War of Kings event that happens every week, we reached an agreement with our allies from our server to farm speedups by attacking the squirters. Most of our members seized this opportunity to eliminate their unwanted ants while also gaining tons of speedups.

We are currently in the matchmaking period, can’t wait to get to know our opponents and allies soon.

Stay tuned to know more about RoP’s matchmaking on my next post…




RoP got matched with a level IV difficulty and are part of the Wreck Camp. We got to be allies with AWW of s599 and MvE of s503.

AWWs diplomat was our ally in a previous Barren Land event, and it’s great to work with her once again. We played against MvE on one of the Barren Land events we did before and now we meet them once again but this time we are on the same camp. This will be an interesting event.


The Stone Camp has ARI from s208, eBr from s343 and SLF from s612. All of them are new to us and they look like really strong clans. The competition period starts in a few days, can’t wait to play with them soon.

Selection Period

(camp leader, protection time & homezone


We’re in the process of choosing a leader to guide our camp to victory. Each clan’s officers have nominated their candidate, and now we’re eagerly anticipating the final results, which will be announced in few days.

Stay tuned for more updates…


CAMP LEADER (contd.)

Exciting update, folks! The votes are in, and we’re thrilled to announce that Diego from RoP Rise of the Phoenix has been elected as the leader of the Wreck Camp. Congratulations, Diego!


After discussing with our campmates MvE and AWW, we choose our protection period from 08:00-16:00 UTC. The Stone Camp chose 16:00-00:00 UTC. We get to have some action from 00:00-08:00 UTC.


The camp leader was elected, protection time was set and the only task left before we enter the event was to chose our initial zones. We RoP went with the Swirling Range, AWW went with Quicksand Barren, and MvE Celestial Hillside.

On the Stone Camp, SLF went with the Fossil Shell Relic, ARI chose Limestone Hills, as their initial zone and we have eBr on Crystal Mooreland,

Stay tuned for week 1 updates on the barren land…


Barren Land Vacay - Week 1

The long-awaited day has arrived — welcome to Barren Land 6.0! As we gather, we were greeted by familiar faces from our camp and new faces from the Stone Camp. Let the adventure begin!

Week 1 is all about preparing yourself, your clan, and your camp for the upcoming battles in the following weeks.

We instructed everyone in RoP to focus on increasing their honor by taking higher level nodes and also by enhancing their buildings. Greater the honor the more the season soldier ants to fight and the more healing fungi one gets to heal their injured ants.

Our camp made it a priority to start building to the wonder on each of their homezone while also capturing the buildings on the path towards the wonder so as to get as much buff as possible soon.

The Stone Camp did the same thing and occupied their wonders in their initial zones in few days providing buff to all the clans of their camp.

It was really nice to watch each clan from both camps take on buildings. Everyone was so organized and well disciplined.

Us RoP we have finished building towers to all buildings and to the clash tunnels. We are eagerly waiting for the clash areas tunnel to open in a few days.

AWW is few towers away from reaching the final building on their homezone and MvE is making their way to the top clash area.

On the Stone Camp, SLF went with the Fossil Shell Relic, ARI chose Limestone Hills, as their initial zone and we have eBr on Crystal Mooreland,

The Stone Camp is doing a great job too and they have built to almost all buildings aswell. SLF and eBr are making their way to the clash tunnels currently. Since their protection only ends at reset they are a little behind in building compared to the Wreck Camp.

Birds-Eye View of each Initial Zone

Given above is an image showing the tower paths towards each buildings in the initial zone of each clan from both the Wreck Camp and the Stone Camp.

Week 1 Milestones

Curious on how the battles in the clash areas went?

Stay tuned for more updates…


Barren Land Vacay - Week 2


Week 2 has begun, the tunnels to the south and north clash open in few days. We have few days left to build through each others campsite to support each other on the clash area.


Upon discussion with AWW and MvE, we all decided to build to each others clash area tunnel. So us RoP and AWW built to the north clash which connects MvE and AWW and MvE built south to ours.


The Stone Camp built to each others clash. We have ARI and eBr building to the south clash and SLF and ARI building to the north through the campsite.


The tunnels to the south and north clash opened. AWW built to both the top and bottom clash. Since we RoP could manage this area on our own as the buff favors us, we asked AWW to help MvE on the top clash.

RoP faced SLF in the purple plateau region. So far we have won all the battles we had and also was able to take back the residence they built to and stop them from advancing any further.

MvE had 1v2 fight on the above clash they lost a little ground but they are doing really well. Now AWW is there to help them and both of them have been strategically planning tower placements to engage with ARI and eBr.

The middle clashes tunnel opened too and during our opponents protection period we used that as an opportunity to build to the buildings in that clash to gain buffs for our camp and once their protection lifted we were ready for war. The opponents were doing the same thing on gaining as much buffs as they could on the pedestal clash.

Week 2 Milestones

Who will occupy the top clash?

Stay tuned for week 3 updates…


Really awesome post!! Keep up the great work!


Thank you, Guppy. Your support makes me very happy, sensei. :smiley:


Barren Land Vacay - Week 3

Week 3 is here!! Without further ado, let’s see how things went in each clash for the Wreck Camp and the Stone Camp.

We RoP continued building towards the buildings occupied by SLF and took them back while also building towards the rest of the unoccupied buildings in the clash when our opponents were under protection. We also had ARI join SLF in this clash here. We managed to take away all the buildings they grabbed. Towards the end of the week SLF kinda gave up and left to the north clash to help ARI and eBr instead.

MvE and AWW engaged with ARI and eBr on the top clash. Even though they weren’t able to secure the top clash they both did an amazing job working together as a team in fighting ARI and eBr. They fought for hours daily and did their best.

SLF put up some good fight to defend their towers and buildings from being destroyed and taken. Whereas ARI was more focused on the north clash so they didn’t defend much on the south.

I must say I am very proud of everyone in RoP for the efforts they put. We had such a high level of participation that it was even very hard to get a spot in the towers while fighting and it kept getting full in seconds as ones troop was defeated.

It being the Stone Camp’s most active time and them also having the buff favoring them on the top clash it was little hard for AWW and MvE. But they beautifully coordinated the attacks daily and never gave up which is what is important.


We split the middle clash among ourselves so we could get as much buff as possible before the tunnels to the other clash where we meet all three clans from the Stone Camp was to open.

AWW did a tower transfer to MvE so they could get some buffs taking some buildings too when our opponents were under protection.


Upon discussion with MvE and AWW on which tunnel we each plan on taking and on how we were gonna get there, we decided MvE does a tower transfer to us RoP on the top tunnel and that AWW builds to the tunnel through the campsite and takes the tunnel once we have taken it and that MvE comes through the tunnel below.

On the other side on the Stone Camp, eBr did a tower transfer to SLF on the bottom tunnel and had ARI build through the campsite to the tunnel SLF was to take. eBr came through the one on the top.

We planned on building to the wonder as soon as possible to secure it from the opponent.

The image on the left shows progress of each clan few hours after taking tunnel and the image on the right is the progress on how our week 3 on BL ends.

Week 3 Milestones

Excited to know how things went in the clash?

Stay tuned for week 4 updates…