[Record Post] #266 Bes, Group 1, batch 2, group 61

Hello everyone. My season journey didn’t last long, I had quite a few complications during event. Before I post journal logs I just want to give some advice I learned after the event. Make sure your team is cohesive. You have to be able to work well together. There has to be clear leadership and directions or else you will never leave the starting area :slightly_smiling_face:

Go prepared! Sand and honeydew are a coveted item in lost island. While it’s going to hurt res wise, you can’t be afraid to take risks and push limits.

The following entries are from the time I was on lost island:

Lira here, from alliance bud visiting bes in 266 for event! Slogan-sanity not needed.
Goal-not to run out of sand!

Alliance Introduction!

When I first heard about the event, I was super excited. I even pestered the mods in insider scoop numerous time. Finally the release came bit not everyone was sure on going or if would have enough. We joined bes to be able to attend and learn event for home clan.

We are developing teamwork but there is some friction. Our goals are to conquer our area then slowly go where no alliance has gone before on the map.

So when season chat first opened my excitement grew. We were paired up with an old alliance that migrated from 266! Not only that but the whole group is friendly wonderful people!

Summary of the island adventure so far

When first landed I immediately tried to capture a level 6 resource pile! The defenders of that node stomped my ants and laughed at me. I found level 4 was highest could go on entry. Insects and hornets were no issue, but lizard 30 joy learned to hunt close to home.

I pestered the r5 and r4s with a hundred questions as well as reading information from everywhere could-i hate watching videos, so skipped those.

We found when we work together we can capture level 7 residences and win with burning all staminia.

As of now the wonder intimidates the bosses, there have been no attempts.

When the geckos and level 18 opened I got even more excited…until a hornet 100ft away kicked my butt…reminded me promptly hunt close to home.

By hunting hornets and colony actions my resource use has remained stable, where some are struggling. We are currently one of the slowest capturing alliance but we building roads like pros


As lairs and other buildings get captured, your resource piles that can be captured increase.

Here is my recommendation:
Capture 3 meat piles-highest svs gather output.
Shooter main Capture 3 sand to every 1 gaurdian and carrier resource.
Gaurdian main 3 soil to every 1 shooter and carrier.
Carrier main 3 leaves to every shooter and gaurdian

You will be able to fill units with proper troops of higher level and have reserves for battles.

Start with a level 3 and work your way up. Level 5 piles take a full t10 or sx unit to Capture.

Focusing now will get an early stockpile of troops. Troops that are stationed are difficult opponents and healing is required frequently. Having reserves means can still attack while healing.


Each lair, residence, tunnel and ferry provide a bonus. Total conquest should be the aim in alliance area. Where ferries offer resource pile capture increase, lairs and residence offer buffs that affect troops such as increasing defense or power.

The buff provided changes per building. The more accumulated buffs the better the odds of capturing your local wonder and advancing into pvp if so desire.

level 3 and 4 are not as heal intensive and is a good opportunity to help weaker players achieve kill quests.

Level 6 and 7 need coordinated attack times. @Lady Schoolbus gave one strategy of attacking. An alternative method is to have strongest players attack in wave 1 until stationed troops are under 500k-0. Have everyone switch to wave 2 which includes wave 1 and all weaker players. Solo marches sent all squads until durability 0.

This leaves stamina in marches for geckos/lizards and leaves weaker players with enough stamina to head rally charge against weaker buildings.

Today I barely made it in time for the raids. We took 3 back to back by setting rallies that waited whole 5 minutes then took 3-4 waves. We rapid fired to burn and when close to capture first group moved to the next. The rallies are difficult as the communication is weak to whole alliance. Lack of direction has slowed some progress and many of us still unsure how to proceed forward without reprimand. 1700 utc was a time compromise and most attacks done during that time frame.