PVP update Carrier main

Bonjour, hola, that’s all the language I barely know.

Welcome back to the series today I’ll give you update on my carrier main box.

My main team is Dark giant, shikaree master and golden crystal.

I recently acquired golden crystal and I’m so far loving this new team. Let me give you a rundown of how the team works.

Firstly dark giant is a support carrier ant and his purpose is to activate 2 skills throughout the entire 8 possible rounds, his second skill and his eight skill. His second skill enables dodge rate for one of my team that means they take no damage and can’t be attacked no matter what ; he’s 2 stars so his Dodge rate is 40% which is saying he’s activate his skill atleast 3-4 times (given he doesn’t die or get disabled) during the match. His 8th skill boost the damage of all my squads for the first 4 rounds by 60% which is huge given that my other 2 ants do insane damage already.
Damage is total attack stats, special ants attack,troop attack and skill attack all in one and is the main factor when you’re actually fighting. I’m not sure the exact calculations but to me it’d be all your stats divided by 4 (hopefully) don’t quote me.

Secondly my shikaree master. Shikaree is undoubtedly the best carrier ant in game right now for everyone to use. He has high damage and with his recent awakening skill even more damage and higher chance to cast skill. I currently have him 5 stars going 6 and I’m loving his damage it’s just beautiful. His main purpose is to cast his damage reduction skill and his other skills target 3 squads all at once so nothing is spared from his wrath.

Finally and definitely the best is my golden crystal. This ant is just insane. He has high skill cast so you’ll regularly get over 12 skills cast with this ant. Due to his high skill cast and his poison damage golden crystal is a must have for both PvE and PvP. He also provide extra 10% health for your carrier ants so he’s really beefy. I don’t have him starred up but honestly he’s insane without.

I’d like to also say that my insect talent tree has recently changed because all my ants have extra 60 combat speed so I’m faster than most of the competition. I’ve moved my talent tree from skill damage to dodge rate and extra 23% health so my carriers are looking beautiful now. I’m also 2 evos away from t10s carriers so I’m extremely excited. I beat most of my opponent in mines only losing to full t10 march and taking out basically half of there troops with me so I’m already really strong. I’d like to say this account is 90% free to pay only paying insect pack and $1 packs for cell.

Let me see if I can upload some photos for proof


Been interesting reading your guides on carrier pvp. Im a new ish player to the game and im curious as to how they match against the best shooter squads and who wins more consistently?