Pvp tactics and showoff

Welcome my students to BROKEBOY’S New series of pvp tactics and strategies to help you win more matches and become stronger.

Firstly I’d just like to say that in my honest opinion carriers are the way to go for pvp; I’ve had great luck with them and ever since I’ve made the switch to them I can actively compete as a pvp enjoyer.

Why carriers?
Carriers in terms of troops are balanced in there base stats, they have higher HP and defense that shooters so they can take more damage and last longer while fighting shooters. Carriers also have higher attack than gaurdians so they can deal more damage to them.

What ants should I use?
If possible try to use a full carrier ant base team ie grave digger, golden crystal and shikaree master.
If not atleast try to have one of these ants in your team along side 2 universal ant. The position of the carrier ant is very crucial if using universal ant, I’ve found that front row or back row is most optimal. The reason for using a carrier main ant if you’re using carriers is that extra 60 combat speed.

Combat speed?
Combat speed is used to determine which opponents activate there skills first do if per say you’re weaker than your opponent but you have faster combat speed you can be able to still win the match by activating your skills first.

What’s the best team?
There is none. All teams have the potential to be the best it’s all about luck and knowing how your ants work and where they work.
I use a dark giant in my pro and many people believe that he isn’t a very good ant, but Trust me I’ve beaten all those people using the same ant they look down on, it’s all about believing and knowing what team works with him.

Knowing your ant.
Each ant comes with 8 set of skills, however only 3 of those skills can be combat skills ie, skill 2, skill 5 and skill 8. Make sure to read on your ants skill and understand how it works and what troop type it works with.

I’ve got a team, where can I test?
The best place to test your team fair and square is alliance expedition. I’ve found that alliance expedition is the only reliable source of testing apart from Hill fights that are accurate. The reason is because they provide severely injured report that can really change the outcome of a match. Duels and mines don’t have severely injured so they most rely on troop stats rather than skill capability.

That is all for now. Next episode will be how to choose a team stay tuned.