#PlayWithAnts Video Sharing on Instagram to Win Rewards

#PlayWithAnts Video Sharing on Instagram to Win Rewards

Have you tried interacting with ants?:thinking: Such as feeding, blocking their way, and doing some weird experiments:dna:? This sounds fun. Why don’t you also make an interesting video and share it on Instagram, there are rich rewards waiting for you!:tada:

:gift:Event Rewards:
Outstanding Work Award (several): Community Surprise Chest5, 7-day Exclusive Community Avatar Frame1
Spectator Award: Community Surprise Chest*1

:ear_of_rice:Examples of Rewards:
Jerry submitted 10 works, and 9 works were rated as outstanding works, then Jerry will get 9*5 (a total of 45 Community Surprise Chests) and 7-day Exclusive Community Avatar Frame x1 (the avatar frame are not included in double rewards)

:alarm_clock:Event deadline: August 2, 23:59:59 (UTC+0)

:scroll:Event Process:
1.Take a scene or experiment video or photo about the interaction of ants or small animals.
2.Post videos or photos to Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/playwithants/), add #PlayWithAnts in the text, tag the official account @theants_undergroundkingdom (don’t forget to enter “@” when searching!), and attach your ID.
3.Share this POST, like and comment with your ID to get the spectator award
4.Work requirements: Clear, interesting, and no camera shake with necessary voice or text instructions
5.The conditions of Outstanding Work Awards include but are not limited to: the quality of the work itself, the number of likes, the number of viewers, the degree of originality, etc…

1.The content must be clear and comply with relevant platform terms and rules.
2.Participating in the event allows the official to use and modify your work for free without prior notice.
3.Any shooting behavior needs to be carried out under the condition of ensuring your own absolute safety.
4.The works shall not be deleted within the next two natural months after posting. Check more rules on our Facebook


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