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Some function to see as a Clan Leader and R4s when members get attacked and zeroed, who the attacker was.

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In our event of Vast Jungle beta (difficulty III) there are no Soldier Colonies between level 2-4 and all level 1’s have been occupied. We are in Golden Acorn Camp. Due to the lack of lower level Soldier Colonies, some players are unable to get many if any sxi soldiers at all. I suggest having more Soldier Colonies level 1-4 added to make it possible for the whole team to play.

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Not that I think you don’t already know this but have you upgraded your guardian ants in the evolution tree? Advanced and secondary combat trees can also increase their stats significantly, It takes a lot of creature remains to upgrade and I can’t remember which evolution tree it is but if you are using 3 rows of guardians there is an upgrade that boosts their stats even more for using 3 rows of the same type of soldier ant. This may be where you feel their “strength” in pve is lacking. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Add more context about the why of each game aspect. Just a little background relating activities to my personal or alliance development.
When I just started out, I learned from the announcements, the instructions, the walkthrough. But I only learned how to do things (click here, get rewards, etc), not why they are important or what it would add to my anthill development. Also, there are a lot of things introduced on the first day that are not needed until further on. I struggled to make sense of it all and to figure out what was important to focus on in the earliest stages of the game.

Thank you for creating this great game!

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Suggestions collected , thank you

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Add one Insect Star Invertase to the VIP store to allow free to play players to collect them over time.

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It would be very convenient to have different “mutation formations”in the mutation pool.

For example, for pangolin I set my mutations differently each of the 3 days. As well as during pvp, depending on the formation I want to use.

It’s a lot of steps to change everything when you are under pressure.

Thank you!

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100% agree with this! By the time you hit lvl 25 of the ladybug, those items are completely useless. A quick and easy way to patch it would be to have these items expire when their associated building hits lvl 25.

Otherwise, give the another use. Actually, please give them any use at all, because otherwise why do I have 13000 toxic mushrooms sitting in my inventory!!!

And while I’m talking about crap sitting in my inventory being useless, even if it’s a a low exchange rate, please let us exchange reform parts for reform growth medium (even 1 medium per part would be acceptable, if low) and especially please let us exchange treasure fragments for a little clay, even if it’s like 10 fragments per clay. But I’m sick and tired of having all this useless junk cluttering up my inventory.

It surprises me that the following has not been suggested yet. Possibly I missed the feature in the game. It would highly improve alliance communication if there would be a separate ingame channel to chat or message with alliance officers. Leadership is often shared by multiple players and it would be convenient to be able to send message to these 4 specific players at once.

Suggestions collected , thank you

If the system can give more feed such as fifty thousand maybe more it’s just 30000 feed but it’s not enough for update the insects.


Maybe these items can be replaced with the glimmering leaf if that building has not been completed yet. If all are complete, I agree these should be replaced with more resources.

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EXPLORACION DE LA CUEVA ( EVENTO) como es posible que al tirar el dado solo agarres las cosas que estan en el sitio mas no todo lo que recorres???
Paranque sirve entonces tirqr 5 dados juntos sino voy a tener los recursos u objetos que paso, que absurdo evento