Howdy fellas ! Thanks for passing by! Would like to note that we also recruit for 277 as a whole! We welcome full alliances and can provide shells. (277 has also a discord server for all alliances)

A brief summary about us:
NuT is an old alliance founded back in September 2021 we have only migrated once to our forever
home in 277.

NuT has a co-leadership system and is international multiple languages (with myself the leader being from Romania, any romanians come by n say hi~) german, french, russian, ukrainian,urdu etc.

Competitive playstyle but not the toxic kind meaning our main goal is to get kills,have fun and get the most out of the event.
losing should not be something to be upset about.

Well maintained Discord server for the alliance, if you wish to join this is a must as most of the communication happens here. If you visit us from this forum let us know!

We like to be organized, so before considering coming to us read the rules that are in our discord server, we have general and event related rules.

We schedule ahead during events with regular updates both in game mail and discord there will be regular pings for reminders about scheduled objectives and even towers & battles.

We are always open for feedback, we value communication most of it all ! It does not matter how old or new you are to us.

What we want from a player:

  • Active communication, if you are having an issue we expect you to come to us and tell us what’s up.
  • Get involved as much as you can.
  • To be a fighter ! Even if you are not the strongest numbers in a battle matters .
  • At the end of each season we evaluate players, take feedback and try to improve further .
    We give full transparency so we expect the same back.
  • Has not had any behavioral problems in their alliances
  • Evo contribution - remember that alliance evos helps us all so please donate
    Be mindful of :
    :small_orange_diamond:(NAP)- NO ATTACK PACT
    -You will not attack any other alliances that aren’t rogue
    only hills without a tag can be raided
    If you do break this agreement you will be kicked an considered a rogue.

:small_orange_diamond:Be nice & respect others

  • Remember that we are a team and a family.
  • Being rude and getting into unprovoked arguments with our allies including other alliances will not be tolerated.
  • Remember that this is a game at the end of the day no need for toxicity.
  • There will be penalties for inappropriate behavior,
  • Such as being demoted or kicked depending on the offence

We are staying in server for about 4 weeks or 2-3 weeks depending on how fast we max cap then most likely going to the new event vast jungle .

If curious Alliance evolution what we have so far:


Hello @JellyGoat, welcome, and thank you for using The Ants forum.

We wish you success in recruiting new members and for your alliance to become even more developed.

Have fun!


Thank ya! :sparkles: :goat:

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